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Hives Natural Home Remedies & Natural Cures



Tissue Hives Natural Remedy

I get hives all over my face quite frequently and so I am always searching for new natural remedies for hives in hopes of finding one that actually works for me. I came across this home remedy for hives that involves using tape. This person would use the same concept of addressing itching with a mosquito bite by place tape over the bite. I did not wish to put tape over my face so I came up with my own idea. I took some tissue and made it very damp. I gently applied it to my face in let it sit there. I made sure the tissue did not crumple. I did not want to use tape on my face because of the unknown toxins that might be on the surface of the tape to make it sticky. Once the tissue is on your face gently pat down the tissue making sure there are no air bubbles so that the tissue can completely rest against your skin. Allow the tissue to dry on your skin and in this process your itching will subside and your hives will settle down. I believe the reason this works is because is begin this natural remedy for hives right when I feel the hives emerging. Make sure you keep the tissue on the hives for at least a half hour.


Fels Naptha Bar Soap

Hi, I have now had hives for at least 3 days going on four. I have been to urgent care several times. I was given steroid shots and doctors basically told me that the hives need to just go away on their own. I have been trying everything I can think of to get rid of them. I tried the oatmeal natural cure for hives but it was too messy for me. I also tried vinegar and it did help me somewhat but not completely. I decided to use a home remedy for hives that my mother used to use on us kids. She used to use a bar soap called Fels Naptha. This soap is a very heavy bar soap that my mom used to use on me if I got into poison oak or had hives. My family has used this natural remedy for hives for so many years and it always works for us. Once you wet your skin and apply the bar of soap allow the soap to dry on your skin. Later rinse and you will feel much better.


Menthol Analgesic Ice Gel

I tried ice packs to my hives but it did not work for me. I decided to try this menthol analgesic ice gel I found at the Dollar Tree. This ended up being the best home remedy for hives I have tried. It soothed my itching and took away the heat. I had to reapply before bed time but at least it helped me sleep!


St. Ives Body Wash

I use St. Ives oatmeal body wash when I get hives, it as a natural remedy that always works for me.



The acupressure natural cure for hives is very effective and works amazingly quickly. I take apply pressure on the top of my shoulder right in the middle of where the base middle of my neck is and my actual shoulder. Apple pressure for as long as you can.


Oregano Oil and Coconut Oil

Mix a couple tablespoons of both coconut oil and oregano oil and apply directly on the hives. This home remedy for hives works very quickly and is so healing.


Baking Soda, Vinegar Tea

Every week my entire body and parts of my face were getting covered in hives. I have been under a lot of stress so this is probably why yet I still needed a way to heal them.  I found a natural remedy for the hives that actually works for me. I make a tea two times a day using baking soda (aluminum free) two tablespoons of vinegar, honey and warm water. I also take some multi vitamins including vitamin C. I purchased some PH paper at the pharmacy which measure PH levels. Mine ended up being very acidic before I began the tea home remedy for my hives. After using the tea for a week my PH levels normalized.


Antihistamine Hives Natural Cure

My whole body was covered in hives from my toes to the top of my head. I believe they were caused by a medication for my bowels. I tried to take a bath with soda. That was a huge mistake. It made everything much worse. I ended up in the emergency room and they gave me a steroid shot which cost a fortune and only lasted a few hours. They also gave me prednisone tablets. I decided the overall side effects and possible risks are not worth taking the steroid.  I decided to not do anything else except a home remedy or natural cure for hives. The first three days I basically just used ice. However it is not even possible to cover your whole body in ice unless you sit in an ice bath! By the 4th day of suffering with these hives I went in and took a really cold shower. I came out, patted myself completely dry and then applied Calamine Lotion to every area of exposed skin that was affected by hives. I then got dressed in cotton jammies and took an antihistamine tablet, a Zytrec because the doctor said it could help with my hives and 2 Tylenol. I finally have experienced a few hours of relief!!


Tea Tree Oil Home Remedy for Hives

A home remedy for hives is to use healing tea tree oil. Make sure your skin is clean and then take some tea tree oil and then evenly spread the tea tree oil over the hives and allow the tea tree oil to be absorbed by your skin. Lie down and rest after you apply the tea tree oil. The combination of resting and the tea tree oil will help you to feel great relief from the painful hives. Repeat this three times a day.


Jewell-Weed Anti-Itch Spray

A natural remedy for hives is a wonderful spray I found at my health food store. It is called Jewell-Weed Anti-Itch Spray. Spray this wonderful tonic on your hives and you will be soothed immediately.


Evening Primrose Oil

When I get hives I use a natural cure called evening primrose oil. I take two 500 mg capsules three times a day and I eventually have natural relief. You can purchase evening primrose oil at the health food store.


Licorice Hives Home Remedy

A wonderful home remedy for hives is licorice. Using licorice can help you to heal the hives in a very natural way using a home remedy for the hives that will help your body heal from the inside out.  Licorice has anti-inflammatory as well as anti-allergy properties. Licorice also behaves the same way that cortisol does using our own body’s natural anti inflammatory hormone. Always purchase the whole licorice product versus the crystallized form. I would take at least 6 capsules of 4-500 mgs a day. You can also use licorice tincture and licorice tea. I would also suggest making some licorice tea and then as the tea cools down apply the liquid directly on your hives. Do this at least three times a day. Do not take the internal licorice for more than six weeks. If you are pregnant or have thyroid, heart, liver, kidney problems or high blood pressure consult a doctor before using licorice.


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