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Hoarseness Natural Home Remedies & Cures



Dried Figs and Almonds

If you have the misfortune to find yourself suffering from hoarseness I have a great home remedy for you. Take two to three dried figs and a few almonds and place them in a mug of warm water for several hours. When you notice the skin of the almond start to peel, take the peel off the almonds and discard it. Then crush the peeled almonds and figs and make a paste out of them.  A teaspoon of honey added to this paste along with a cup of warm water and you have a wonderful, soothing bedtime drink that will heal your hoarse throat.


Licorice and Sugar

 Licorice is a potent healing home remedy for hoarseness. Add sugar to the licorice and you have a soothing mixture. Take equal quantities of each sugar and licorice and grind them up together. Put them in a small container. Each time you suffer from hoarseness take a small bit out and let it dissolve in your mouth slowly going down your throat.



A home remedy for hoarseness is to gargle with a mix of one teaspoon of powdered fennel mixed into a glass of water. Gargle several times a day with this mixture.


Hot Bath Home Remedy for Hoarseness

The next time you have a bout with hoarseness a good home remedy that does not cost any money is to take a hot healing bath. Make a hot bath up and allow yourself the time to soak in the bath for 20 minutes. The steam from the hot water is going to be very soothing to your throat. When you get out of the bath apply some lavender oil to the outer area of your throat. Then make some warm chamomile tea and sip it before going to bed. Take some time to be quiet and then get a full night’s sleep.


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