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Hot Flashes Natural Cures & Home Remedies



Lydia Pinkham Tablets

My mother used an old fashioned vitamin natural cure for hot flashes called Lydia Pinkham Tablets. You can purchase them at a health food store in the vitamin section. They have been used by women for decades.


Biodential Hormone Patch

For hot flashes I use a home remedy called a biodential hormone patch. This remedy works wonders for me. I tried apple cider vinegar but it just made me feel hot and pickled.


More Apple Cider Vinegar

For about 3 months I was waking up drenched in sweat and trembling due to shivering! I experienced this for years. I went to the doctor and had all my blood work done and it did not reveal any abnormalities. I decided to search the internet for home remedies for hot flashes and came upon so many talking about success using apple cider vinegar so I gave it a shot. Now months later I am hot flash free. I take my apple cider vinegar right before bed. I am so grateful to have found this great home remedy.


Avoid Alcohol, Tobacco and Stress

It is known that alcohol, stress and tobacco use increase the intensity and frequency of hot flashes. A natural cure for hot flashes is to avoid over indulgence of alcohol, tobacco and stress. Eat as healthy  a diet as you possibly, can and exercise daily.


Sage and Mugwort

Herbs are natural healers. Using a home remedy for hot flashes made up from herbs will bring you much relief. I happen to use the herbs sage and mugwort.Take about 15 grams of both dried sage and mugwort and add to a cup of hot water. Allow to steep. Drink this three times a day for relief.


White Peony

My mother used white peony in water for help with her hot flashes. This natural herbal cure for hot flashes will comfort you and give you freedom from hot flashes.


White Willow Hot Flash Home Remedy

I have had hot flashes for years now. I finally found a home remedy for hot flashes that works consistently for me. I bought some white willow tincture and take this daily. I now am free from hot flashes. Make sure you drink plenty of water with the white willow.



For serious hot flash attacks goldenseal will give you immediate relief. My natural cure for hot flashes is to take 200 mg of goldenseal up to three times per day. This remedy is especially helpful when you are having a rough go of it.


Pasque Flower

My experience with hot flashes is unpleasant to say the least. I find that either black cohosh or pasque flower herbs help me. I have read about apple cider vinegar too. Thank goodness for all the wonderful home remedies for hot flashes.


Chaste Berry

If you are at the age where you are beginning to endure hot flashes I highly encourage you to try natural cures first before succumbing to the traditional medical approach. There are many herbs and natural remedies that truly help to ease the discomfort and stress of hot flashes. One natural cure I have found to work for easing hot flashes is chaste berry and also red clover. You can make a tea from either of these herbs and drink them throughout the day.


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