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How To Stop Breast Milk Home Remedies



Cabbage Leaves

An old remedy about how to stop breast milk is to simply use cabbage leaves over your breasts. Take a leaf of a green cabbage and place one over each lactating breast and continue to replace leaves until you have stopped lactating. They easily fit inside a bra. This home remedy for stopping breast milk has been used for hundreds of years. Be sure to place the cabbage leaves over your entire breast area. Also purchase the green cabbage. Wash the cabbage and allow drying throughout the night. When you place the cabbage leaves over your breast avoiding the nipple area. When the cabbage leaves begin to wilt replace with fresh leaves.


Avoid Nipple Stimulation

A good remedy for how to stop breast milk is to avoid all nipple stimulation.


Sage Tea to Stop Breast Milk

An herbal home remedy for stopping breast milk is to use sage. I make a tea with sage and drink it several times a day when I am stopping breast feeding. The sage is a natural remedy for drying up breast milk.


Drink Water

Some people falsely believe that if they cut back on their water consumption this in and of  itself will slow and stop breast milk production. This is not true. Cutting back on hydration can actually make your breasts produce more milk. The best method for how to stop breast milk is to drink plenty of water and eat really healthy!


Slowly Decrease

I have nursed four children successfully and also learned the best way to stop milk production. You slowly decrease nursing times. To gradually stop nursing is not only easier on your body but also compassionate to your child. Your baby is very bonded to the nursing experience and to abruptly stop nursing can be harsh for your baby. Also when you gradually stop breast feeding you are much less likely to develop mastitis which is a very painful infection of the breast that develops when your milk ducts become clogged. Gradually stop nursing until you are just nursing once a day. I usually saved the one nursing for bed time. Then during the once a day nursing begin to cut that time gradually as well. Then when you completely stop nursing your baby will be much calmer and your breasts are much less likely to develop an infection.


Expression Of Milk

If you are trying to wean your baby or you have just given birth and are not going to nurse yet you need to stop breast milk I have a home remedy that will work well. I had to hand express my breast milk each day to stop my milk production. You have to make sure you only express a little at a time otherwise your body will want to naturally produce more milk.


Wear Sport Bra

If it is the time to stop nursing and need a good home remedy I suggest wearing a soft yet supportive sport bra. Do not ever bind your breasts to stop milk production because it will not work it will only possibly cause mastitis.


Avoid Salt Remedy

Home remedies for stopping breast milk production vary but one remedy that does assist in reducing milk in your breasts is to cut back on your salt intake. Salt causes our body to retain extra fluid so while you are stopping nursing also avoid extra salt.


Vitamin B6 To Stop Breast Milk

A super great home remedy for how to stop breast milk is to add 200 milligrams of vitamin B6 to your daily diet for 5 days. This will help to prevent breast engorgement.


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