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How To Stop Breast Milk Natural Home Remedies



More Sage Tea

One really superb natural home remedy for stopping breast milk is to use the herb sage. Sage contains a very natural form of estrogen that helps your body dry up breast milk. You can easily make sage tea by placing a teaspoon of sage into one cup of hot water. Allow the sage to steep in the hot water for at least fifteen minutes. You can add a little honey and almond milk to the tea because sage can taste bitter. I would suggest taking one cup of sage tea every six hours. You might want to also use the cabbage leaves on your breasts while using the tea remedy. The cabbage leaves are placed in your bra and used like compresses. Replace the cabbage leaves throughout the day.


Alcohol Tincture

There is an alcohol tincture you can buy at the health food store that works wonders in helping to stop breast milk. This home remedy for stopping breast milk works fairly quickly. What I tell my friends is that if you take about 3 to 4 ml of this alcohol tincture every six hours your breast milk will decrease. The alcohol tincture is absorbed in the mucous membranes very easily and helps dry up your breast milk.


Avoid Warm Water

Stopping breast milk production is a gentle process. A home remedy I adhere to when I stop nursing is to avoid warm or hot water over my breast area while showering. Warm or hot water on your breasts can stimulate your milk glands to produce milk.


Ice Gel Packs

When you decide to stop nursing you are dealing with the emotional aspect of stopping nursing as well as the physical discomfort that is associated with breast engorgement. I have found a home remedy for stopping breast milk that helps ease the discomfort. I use ice gel packs on my breasts. The gel packs are soft and flexible and the cold really takes away that hot heavy feeling in your breasts. Take good care of yourself and be sure to drink a lot of water and eat healthy fresh unprocessed foods.


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