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How to Increase Breast Milk Home Remedies, Methods and Techniques



Double Nursing

Breast milk production can be increased by a wonderful technique called double-nursing.  This can be done instead of switch-nursing.  Once your baby is done feeding on one breast, hold your baby upright for about ten to twenty minutes.  You can even get up and walk around with your baby, but be sure to keep them upright and awake.  This allows any air bubbles to be burped up, which in turn makes room for more milk.  After baby has burped, allow them to feed again.  Be sure to nurse baby on both breasts during the second nursing session.  This will stimulate the milk ejection reflexes, just as switch-nursing does.  This is wonderful for increasing the volume and calorie content of the milk.  This is not only very healthy for baby, but it allows your milk to come in for fully and quickly. 

* * *

Skin-to-skin contact is a wonderful way to keep babies awake during feedings.  This is also a great way to stimulate babies that aren't terribly enthusiastic when nursing.  When babies are fully awake, they are more efficient at latching and sucking, which in turn more effectively removes all of the milk available in that breast.  The best way to encourage skin-to-skin contact during feedings is to fully undress baby before nursing sessions.  You should maximize the skin-to-skin contact by removing your bra and wearing a shirt that fully unbuttons in the front.  This can make baby cold, so be sure to place a blanket around your baby's back so that they don't get terribly chilled when nursing.  The blanket also helps to create a safe and snuggly environment for your baby. 

* * *

Milk production can be stimulated by nursing with your baby in bed.  Not only does it help baby to relax, but it helps mommy to relax as well.  This relaxed state allows for longer nursings.  Feeding sessions also become far more frequent when you nurse your baby in bed.  This increases the milk-producing hormones in your body, which in turn creates more milk for baby.  Breastfeeding is extremely important and is an integral part of your baby's development.  Spending this time with your baby allows you to bond. 

* * *

Using Slings

Slings are an excellent way to increase milk production.  Baby will be enticed to eat more when they are kept in a sling at all times, as they can recognize that they are very close to where they obtain their nutrients from.  Baby should even nap in the sling.  Some babies will be better eaters when they are fed on the move.  Try to feed baby at all times of the day to see when they want to eat more. 

* * *

A good way to increase breast milk production is to take an inventory of your lifestyle to catalog any stress that you have.  Worries and several activities taking place simultaneously will take away energy that you should be spending and directing toward yourself and your baby.  If you're doing too much, then you won't be able to spend time with your baby and enjoy him.  The only way you will be able to successfully breastfeed your baby is if you take care of yourself.  This should be a priority.  Other responsibilities should be abandoned for a short while.  Simply allow your partner to help with non-feeding care and other responsibilities around the house.  This extra time should allow you some time to yourself.  Exercise by taking a light walk, take a nap, or enjoy a nice relaxing shower. 

* * *

Get yourself some help around the house.  Breast milk is increased when you have time to yourself.  Have someone come over and help you with cleaning, cooking, dishes and laundry.  A good idea is to keep a busy and active toddler at bay by hiring a babysitter to come over and take care of them while you're resting.  Allowing yourself some time away from household duties while you are breastfeeding is an excellent way to increase milk production. 

* * *


Grooming is not just something that you do to make yourself nice and clean.  Grooming is actually the practice of allowing lots of skin-to-skin contact between you and the baby.  When you're nursing the baby, stroke the baby and keep baby calm.  This is a wonderful way to increase your milk production.  Your milk ejection reflex will squeeze the milk glands and the milk sinuses to allow the milk to be available to the baby.   Visualize yourself and the baby feeding on milk pouring from your breasts.  Thinking baby, and thinking milk is one of the best ways to increase your milk production. 

* * *

Keep your baby close.  Your breast milk supply can be interfered with if you are scheduling feedings too frequently or if you are separated from your baby for an extended period of time.  Be sure to keep your baby close day and night.   Keeping baby close actually increases your supply of breast milk. 

* * *


Your mentality regarding your breast milk supply is extremely important.  Instead of overthinking the process, simply trust in nature.  As long as your baby is effectively sucking and you are nursing at regular intervals, then your body will produce enough milk.  It is a very rare occasion when a mother cannot naturally produce enough milk to feed the baby.  Your life is undoubtedly stressful, but keep in mind that mothers have breastfed babies for centuries, through famine, war and all sorts of personal tragedies.  Breastfeeding can and will happen naturally for you.  You were able to nourish your baby with the same body for nine months during your pregnancy, so you will have no problems feeding and nourishing the same baby with the same body now.  There is no reason that you won't be able to.  Keep all of these things in mind and change your thinking regarding breastfeeding.  The power of thought is a very important way to increase your breast milk. 

* * *

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