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Inner Ear Pain Natural Home Remedies, Cures & Treatments




When my husband was suffering from intense inner ear pain, we found that hydrogen peroxide was not working to treat the symptoms.  Instead, we went to our local WalGreen's pharmacy and had them order some “Flowers of Sulfur” (also known as Sulfur for Compounding).  My husband then mixed this with olive oil and applied to the inner ear with a cotton swab.  He was surprised to find that he had immediate relief from the pain.  Be sure not to get this solution it your eyes, as it will intensely burn. 

* * *

One of the best home remedies for inner ear pain is to put some diluted alcohol in your ear and cover your ear with a hot water bottle.  Leave the water bottle on the ear for approximately twenty minutes. 

* * *

My favorite natural remedy for inner ear pain is to microwave a damp rag in a cup and then hold the cup to your ear.  This creates a steam bath for the ear canal that actually loosens up wax build up that causes pain and discomfort.  This also creates a drainage issue with the ear, so be sure to have an extra old rag around that you can use to clean up any discharge that comes out of your ear. 

* * *

Neem Oil Inner Ear Pain Home Remedy

When you're suffering from inner ear pain, apply two drops of neem oil into the ears.  This will cure otomycosis that is caused by a fungus.  This is also effective for treating sinusitis when the neem oil is dropped into each nostril. 

* * *

Inner ear pain can be cured naturally by ingesting hops in either capsule or tea form.  This is a great way to cure inner ear pain. 

* * *

Green Tea Bag

A great natural remedy for inner ear pain is to simply brew some Lipton green tea.  When the tea bag is still warm, place it on the ear with a microwaved dampened wash cloth.  With the green tea and steam, you'll find that your ear will be instantly cured. 

* * *

Aloe vera is a great natural remedy for inner ear pain.  Instead of applying it topically to the inner ear, you need to ingest it directly.  Be sure not to eat the yellow sap or the green skin.  Simply cut some aloe vera and fillet it like you would a fish.  Be sure that you are only eating the clear gel. 

* * *

Olive Oil & Tea Tree Oil

Inner ear pain is easily treated by mixing olive oil with tea tree oil.  Once well mixed, add the concoction to some cotton wool.  The olive oil will loosen any wax or other debris in the canal and the tea tree oil will work wonders for its anti-bacterial properties. 

* * *

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is wonderful for treating inner ear pain.  Two drops of lavender oil twice a day will naturally cure inner ear pain. 

* * *


While vinegar and vodka are wonderful preventative measures, vodka in the ear works well for treating inner ear pain.  Instead of taking baths, take a shower.  Water and bacteria can become trapped in the inner ear during swimming or bathing, so be sure to take a shower to allow the pain to heal. 

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