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Insect Stings & Bites Natural Home Remedies




One of my favorite natural remedies that can be done with something simple in your kitchen is to use honey applied directly to the site.  The honey helps to neutralize pain and helps to control the amount of swelling.  Try this great home remedy for insect bites and stings next time you find yourself with one!

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If you have tried several home remedies for insect bites and nothing is working well, you'll need to remove the venom.  To do this, simply sterilize a needle (heat the tip with a flame, then allow to cool thoroughly) and make a small hole into the bite.  Squeeze the bite like you would a pimple until you see all of the venom leave the hole.  Once all of the venom is squeezed out, wash your hands and cover the site with a bandage.  After approximately two days, you'll see a significant improvement in the bite area. 

* * *

Rosemary with Lavender Oil

One of the best ways to treat insect bites and stings naturally is to prevent them using this old home remedy.  Mix rosemary with lavender oil together in a bowl.  Use a pestle and crush and mix the oil and seasoning thoroughly.  Once the mixture is well incorporated, rub it over exposed skin when working outside.  This is a wonderful home remedy to keep bugs away from you when you're enjoying the great outdoors. 

* * *

Plantain Juice

I love this natural remedy for healing insect bites and stings.  I will take the leaves from a Plantain plant (this is a commonly found weed – you probably have one in your backyard) and I'll grind the leaf well using my hands.  Once I see a liquid coming out of the leaves, I then apply that liquid directly to the bite.  This should be repeated every three to four hours, or as often as needed.  Another version of this is to chew on the leaves and grind them with your teeth.  Apply the chewed leaves directly to the bite.  You'll find that this helps to reduce pain and swelling.  This natural remedy really helps to heal insect bites quickly. 

* * *


For any kind of insect sting, I love this home remedy.  Regular household glue is a wonderful treatment.  Simply apply the glue directly to the site of the sting.  Once the glue has dried, you'll see that it forms a thin layer on top of your skin.  Peel the glue off and you'll find that the stinger will be pulled out with the glue.  If you find that you have very itchy mosquito bites, regular ammonia (commonly found in window cleaner) is a fantastic home remedy for that as well.  Good luck!

* * *

Bleach Home Remedy for Insect Bites and Stings

While very toxic and it can be a skin irritant, regular bleach is wonderful for treating stings and bites.  This keeps the site from getting infected and keeps the swelling down.  Be sure to apply a small amount of the bleach to a Q-tip and gently dab onto the bite.  Do not apply too much bleach, as you may find that you'll have a burning sensation on the skin.  However, this is a great and very effective home remedy for insect bites. 

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Another great way to keep insects away is to use dryer sheets.  This simple home remedy is surprisingly effective when trying to ward off pesky insects. 

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Roll on deodorant is an excellent home remedy for insect bites.  Simply apply directly to the bite and you'll quickly see a reduction in swelling and itching.  This is one of my favorite remedies for insect bites and works for me every time I'm bit. 

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An old remedy that I learned from a friend from Chile is to wash the affected area and coat it in a thick layer of soap lather.  Without rinsing the soap away, cover the area completely with a warm, moist towel.  Once the towel dries, repeat the process.  The soap will help to draw out the venom and will reduce swelling and pain. 

* * *


A great home remedy for an insect sting involves just hairspray.  Simply spray some hairspray directly to the site to stop the burning feeling from the sting. 

* * *

Preparation H is a wonderful home remedy for insect bites and stings.  Because it's made to reduce swelling, it works very well to control swelling from any bite or sting.  Be sure to keep this gel substance aware fro your eyes (it can sting very badly) and away from small children!

* * *

Toothpaste is a wonderful home remedy for insect bites and stings.  Simply apply the toothpaste directly to the area. 


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