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Irritated Eyes Home Remedies & Natural Cures 



If you find that you have irritated eyes, try this home remedy.  First, make yourself some chamomile tea with fresh, filtered water.  Once it is cooled and is a little warmer than room temperature, wash your face thoroughly with the tea.  This is will not only help to reduce puffiness and irritation, but it also helps to decrease any pain that you  are experiencing. 

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Collyrium is a wonderful home remedy for irritated eyes and is available as an over the counter treatment.  It contains boric acid and is an excellent home remedy for treating irritated eyes that are red and swollen. 

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Scenar Device

Use a Scenar electro-stimulation device to relieve irritated eyes, pain, infection and promote health and healing. Developed in Russia and tested on 18,000 persons in clinical trials. Very effective. Go here to read more about this.




When the body, or any living thing, is connected to the earth, the result is powerful and profound healing benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, relieves pain and promotes the healing of all manner of diseases and maladies including irritated eyes. Read more about the discovery and simple application of Earthing here


Vinegar & Honey

One of my favorite home remedies for irritated eyes includes making your own eye drops.  To make the drops, mix one part apple cider vinegar with two parts organic pure honey with five parts of distilled water.  Mix all ingredients in a glass bottle that includes a glass dropper.  Once everything is well mixed, drop one drop into each eye and roll the eye around.  Put any leftover solution in the refrigerator.  You'll love this home remedy for irritated eyes. 

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If you have irritated eyes caused by chopping up an onion, try this great home remedy.  While this sounds strange, it works really well.  All you have to do is turn on the faucet and run your wrists under cold water.  This is strange, but really works well.  Good luck!

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Cucumber slices should be applied to the eyes for instant relief of irritation. 

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One of the best home remedies for irritated eyes is to do an alternate therapy of cold and heat.  Apply cloths soaked in cold and hot water to each eye several times to quickly relieve irritation. 

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Potato Slices

If you find that your eyes are burning and irritated, try to place potato slices on each eye.  This will not only relieve the burning sensation, but will help the irritation to heal. 

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When my son came down with a severe case of pink eye, his eyes were extremely irritated.  I didn't know what to do, but a neighbor told me about this strange (and somewhat gross) home remedy.  The best thing for pink eye is to put your own urine in the eye.  Place a few drops in each eye and you'll see an immediate reduction in inflammation and the infection. 

* * *

Lemon Juice

While this sounds incredibly painful, this is actually one of the most effective home remedies for pink eye or any eye irritation.  All you have to do is squeeze lemon or lime juice in your eye.  Don't rub the eye; rather, just squeeze a generous amount in your eye.  Be sure to keep a towel close by, because it will itch.  Don't close your eye once you put the juice in; instead try to keep the eye open and continue to move it around.  Try to perform this home remedy whenever you feel an eye infection starting, and you'll be able to stop it quickly.  This should be repeated about every twelve to twenty four hours until the irritation clears up. 

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Breast Milk

When my daughter was only two months old, she came down with a horrible case of pink eye.  A friend told me that the best thing to do for such a young baby is to squeeze breast milk into the eye.  While I thought this was odd, I also didn't think that it would hurt anything.  I tried this in the morning, and the irritation and infection was cleared up that evening.  This is a wonderful home remedy for irritated and infected eyes in young children.  It involves no doctor, and no harmful medication. 

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Hot peppers are great in food, but their juices in your eyes can be awfully irritating.  If this happens, all you need to do is follow this simple home remedy.  To relieve the pain, all you need to do is eat a bit of salt.  This will dissolve in a few seconds.  The sodium will help your eyes to flush any toxins and irritants out.  This helps to reduce the burning sensation very quickly.  It's important to remember that you should not put salt in your eyes. 

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If your eyes are irritated and puffy, try this fantastic home remedy.  I love to take tea bags (it needs to be a caffeinated variety of tea) and soak them in warm (not hot!) water for a few minutes.  I then will place a few drops from the tea bags into the eye.  This is my favorite home remedy for irritated eyes. 

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Bilberry (vaccinium myrtillus) is a wonderful natural remedy for irritated eyes.  This is commonly used and is very well known.  Not only is this herb wonderful for soothing irritated eyes, it also helps to strengthen the capillaries in the eyes and helps to prevent infection and disease of the eye. 

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