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Irritated Eyes Natural Home Remedies & Treatments




Rooibos (aspalathus lineris) and Suntherlandia frutescens are great herbs for treating irritated eyes.  These herbs actually work as anti-oxidants in the body.  The body then is able to maintain a supply of healthy, oxygenated blood and the essential nutrients are ready available.  This is one of the best natural treatments for irritated eyes. 

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If you're suffering from irritated eyes, you may want to try a bee product called Propolis, Astragalus Membranaceous, Olea Europea or Echinaecea.  These herbs are all fantastic at strengthening the immune system, which is essential when trying to clear infections or any irritation in the body.  This is also very helpful when treating allergies. 

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Ice as Home Remedy for Irritated Eyes

If your eyes are irritated and swollen, try this wonderful home remedy. I love to make cold compresses to ease the pain and irritation.  Simply crush ice and mix with a bit of water.  Put the mixture in a bag and place on the face and eyes.  Then, take ice cubs or cold ice packs and wrap in a clean cotton towel.  Place the towel on the eye lids.  The swelling around the eyes will immediately go down.  This is the best and most effective home remedy for irritated and puffy eyes. 

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Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a steaming hot towel.  This is a wonderful way to naturally bring relief to irritated and puffy eyes.  The steam and the oil are wonderful home remedies to soothe irritated eyes. 

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This is a common spa treatment for irritated eyes, but it also works very well.  Not only does it soothe eyes that are puffy and irritated, but is also helps to reduce inflammation.  Simply slice a cucumber and place the slices in cold water for about ten minutes.  Once they are fully soaked, relax and place a slice on each eye lid.  Do not fully lie down, as this can make the inflammation and irritation worse.  Keep the slices on the eyes for a few minutes and you'll feel the relief immediately. 

* * *

If you suffer from irritated eyes, try this wonderful home remedy.  Simply make yourself some tea with tea bags.  Once the bags are cooled to a room temperature, place them on the eyes.  This will give instant relief to your puffy and irritated eyes.  Another great way to use tea bags is to soak the tea bags in ice water for about ten minutes before placing them on the eyelids.  Both are extremely effective home remedies for treating irritated eyes. 

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Drinking Water

Most people don't drink enough water.  While it's a wonderful natural drink that's wonderful for the skin, be sure to drink it throughout the day if you find yourself suffering from irritated eyes.  This is a simple and very effective home remedy for irritated eyes.  The extra fluids not only help to keep the eyes flushed with fluids, but it also helps to keep them hydrated. 

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If you wear contact lenses and suffer from irritated eyes, be sure that you are washing and handling your lenses properly.  They should be washed and stored with the correct solution and all dirt and grime should be removed daily.  It is also important that you do not sleep in your contact lenses. 

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Aloe Very

Not only is aloe vera perfect for treating irritated and sunburned skin, but it's also wonderfully effective for treating irritated eyes.  This is a great home remedy for irritated eyes.  Simply soak some cotton balls or a clean cotton towel in aloe vera juice.  Once it is fully soaked, place the ball or cloth over the irritated eyes.  Allow the aloe vera juice to soak the eyes and soothe them. 

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Frozen vegetables are a great home remedy for irritated eyes.  Simply freeze vegetables (or you can buy frozen vegetables in the bag from the grocery store) and place them on your irritated eyes.  This home remedy is wonderful for relief of irritated eyes.

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Honey Eyewash

Make a homemade eyewash using two cups of boiling water with three tablespoons of honey.  Be sure that the concoction is completely cooled or at least room temperature before you use it as an eye wash.  This home remedy soothes irritated eyes and provides instant relief from irritation and swelling. 

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Much the same way that you would use a cold compress on your eyes, frozen and cold bread works the same way.  Simply chill some slices of bread and place directly on the eyes for a wonderful and effective home remedy for irritated eyes. 

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