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Jaundice Home Remedies, Treatments & Natural Cures



Bitter Luffa

After recently experiencing a bout of jaundice, I discovered a home remedy for jaundice that turned out to work pretty well for me.  You need to get hold of some bitter luffa and pound on it and squeeze it through a cloth.  After you have done this; then put some juice into the palm of your hand and inhale it through your nose.  You will immediately experience a great outflow of yellow colored liquid from your nose.  This is the toxic matter contributing to your jaundice and you will immediately begin to feel better.  This type of medicine can be very strong in terms of potency for some people and may cause some side effects like getting a migraine, becoming giddy, or experiencing a fever.  So, if you are sensitive to medicines; proceed with caution.  If for some reason you can’t get a hold of some of the juice from the bitter green luffa; then use a few drops of the fluid that you can create by soaking the dry crusts overnight in water.  This will also provide the same results.  You can also take the seeds of the bitter green luffa and rub them in water to create a mixture that you can still use the same way as the other methods described.


Radish Juice Home Treatment for Jaundice

One of the most effective ways to treat jaundice is this home treatment for jaundice I came across last year when my son came down with it.  I took some green radish leaves and crushed them so that their juice soaked into a cloth.  The dose should be about a couple cups of this juice daily for adults.  I gave my son one cup because of not being near adult age yet.  This approach creates a healthy appetite and good functioning of the bowels.  Gradually, the trouble will die down.  It usually takes about eight to ten days for the jaundice to go away.



Bananas are very good for jaundice.  Take one ripe banana, mash it in a bowl and add honey and eat it twice a day regularly.  Very good home remedy for jaundice.  by Arushi  1-23-12


Tomato Juice

Tomato Juice If you are experiencing jaundice; a great home remedy for jaundice is to drink some tomato juice each day.  Pour yourself a glass of tomato juice and add a small pinch of salt and pepper.  You should have this glass of juice early in the morning right after awaking.  This has proven to be a very effective treatment for jaundice.


Snake Gourd

For problems associated with jaundice, the leaves of snake gourd have proved to be quite useful.  Take about ½ ounce of the dry leaves and add them to 8 ounces of boiling water.  Next, you’ll want to add coriander seeds to about 16 ounces of boiling water until it simmers down by about a third.  Three times a day you should have a dose of about one to two ounces along with some of the coriander seeds mixed in.


Pigeon Pea

I’ll share a little home remedy for jaundice that was passed along to me.  It involves extracting juice from the green leaves of the pigeon pea plant.  You should take about 2 ounces of this juice daily to treat your jaundice.  You’ll start to experience very noticeable improvements soon after starting this program.


Nuts and Herbs Jaundice Home Treatment

One of the better home treatments for jaundice includes mixing together almonds, cardamoms, and dried dates into a fine paste.  The process to make this paste is to gather up eight kernels of almonds, five small cardamoms and two dried dates.  Next, you’ll need to soak them overnight in water.  Before rubbing the ingredients together to make the paste; you’ll need to remove the outer coating of the almond kernels and also the inner seeds of the dried dates.  The last part of the recipe requires adding about 2 ounces each of sugar and butter.  Mix this all together into a paste that the patient should lick.


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