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Jaundice Home Remedies, Natural Cures & Home Treatments



Sugarcane Jaundice Natural Cure

It has been my experience that when dealing with jaundice, a simple natural cure can be achieved by using sugarcane juice.  If twice a day you consume a glass of sugarcane juice with the juice of about one half of a lime.  Resistance is weak with jaundice; so, you have to be sure that the juice is clean.  If your juice is infected, it could really worsen your condition.


Lemon Juice Home Remedy for Jaundice

If you’re at home and need to address your jaundice condition; this home remedy should be of use to you.  I’m referring to the use of lemon juice.  If you take about 2/3 ounce of lemon juice mixed with water many times throughout the day, you’ll help to lessen your jaundice and protect the damaged liver cells.


Barley Water as Home Treatment for Jaundice

Drinking barley water can serve the purpose of functioning as an effective home treatment for jaundice.  The recipe for this treatment is to use one cup of barley boiled in water and simmered for about three hours.  After this cools, you should drink this barley water several times throughout the day.


Jaundice Berry Home Remedy for Jaundice

One of the treatments for jaundice that I would suggest is the use of the herb jaundice berry.  This herb is of much use in treating jaundice.  The juice is extracted from bark and should be taken several times a day at about two to four ml doses.  Overall, this is a very effective home remedy for treating jaundice.


Diet can be a very effective home treatment for addressing jaundice.  If the condition is mild; physical rest and diet alone can provide a slow recovery.


Juice Fast Home Remedy for Jaundice

After the disease of jaundice takes hold; a week long juice fast is suggested to be followed by an all fruit diet.  The all fruit diet should be for about three to five days long with about five hour separation between the three daily meals.  This is one of the best home remedies for Jaundice.


Low Fat High Carb Jaundice Home Remedy

Changing your diet to a simple and light carbohydrate diet can help provide a natural cure for jaundice.  There should be an exclusion of fats, and heavy emphasis on fruits and vegetables.  You must avoid food that may tend to ferment or putrefy in your lower intestines.  Some of these foods include pulses and legumes.


Some suggestions to help treat and relieve symptoms of jaundice include some moderate exercise, rest, and some fresh air baths.  This is a very easy home remedy approach to jaundice that will provide some relief and possible cure.


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