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Joint Pain Natural Home Remedies & Cures




To treat your joint pain with a natural remedy instead of pills; practice the gomakhasana yogic asane.  It will work great at naturally curing you of your joint pain.



I’ve been told that if you eat bananas; you can help strengthen and grease your joints.  The next time my joints become painful, I’ll try this natural cure that is easy and tastes good!


You can help your joint pain by eating chapatti.  It is made of roasted grams of flour and clarified butter.  This is a great home remedy for joint pain!


Aloe Very Joint Pain Home Remedy

I had suffered from my joint pain for over two months.  This was in spite of even taking an antibiotic.  Finally, a friend of mine passed on a home remedy for joint pain that worked well for her.  She told me to try aloe vera.  I began by boiling aloe vera juice that was extracted from the sap.  I would then rub the gel on my painful joints.  This naturally cured my pained joints and healed my condition.


I’ve been very health conscious my whole life and avoid processed foods in my diet.  In fact my diet mainly consists of nuts, fruits, vegetables, grains, fresh eggs, raw milk cheese, and organic chicken.  Despite my healthy ways, I have still suffered from joint pain.  I have recently discovered a natural remedy for my joint pain that I’m so grateful to have discovered.  I add a little bit of ACV to the water that I drink.  In addition to having eight glasses of water a day; I now include ACV, and it’s been very helpful.


I’ve recently read about our bodies running on electrical currents and that the cells in our bodies are like little generators.  Our cells are said to contain a mixture of potassium and a bit of salt.  If you have too much salt in your diet, the potassium ends up being pushed out.  This results in joint pain and also back problems.  There is a good home remedy for your joint pain that will address this type health status.  Get some apple cider vinegar and drink a few tablespoons three to four times a day.  The apple cider vinegar has lots of potassium and this will in turn lesson the pain in your joints.


Kerosene Home Remedy for Joint Pain

To help yourself get rid of painful joints; try mixing two parts of pure olive oil and one part of kerosene oil together.  If you take this mixture and rub it over the affected joints; you’ll find this to be a very effective home remedy for joint pain.


I found that by applying some olive oil to my painful joints that I was able to get some significant relief.


Camphor Oil Joint Pain Natural Remedy

My natural remedy for joint pain is to take one teaspoon of camphor oil and add this to one teaspoon of sunflower oil and mix this together for a very good oil to rub over your painful joints.  Give it a try and you may be surprised.


One of the best of home remedies for joint pain is to take a warm shower or a long warm bath with some salt added to it.  This will provide great relief to your joint pain.


To really address joint pain you may need to look at your overall physical condition.  You need to exercise and stretch your body to really help your joints.  You can go swimming, cycling, or even go on walks.  Also, yoga is very good as you stretch your body and limbs and loosen up your joints.  This helps with blood flow and circulation.   This in turn will enable healing.  So, exercise and stretching is a good way to provide a natural cure for your painful joints.  Another side benefit from this positive activity is that if you’re overweight; this will help your joints by reducing the pressure on them from carrying the extra weight.


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