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Knee Pain Home Remedies, Natural Remedies & Cures


Olive & Coconut Oil

For several of my adult years I’ve suffered with painful and aching knees.  Recently, I was told of a home remedy for knee pain that I want to share with you.  After giving this treatment a try, it really helped me.   The remedy requires taking about a half cup of olive oil or coconut oil and warming it up.  Then, massage the oil onto your knee where it is painful.  When you massage your knee; do it in circular motions.  Using oil to massage is a well known traditional approach for treating pain and aching, and the circular massaging will decrease inflammation around the knee.  This will improve the blood flow and as a result reduce the existing pain.


Scenar Device

Use a Scenar electro-stimulation device to relieve knee pain, infection and promote health and healing. Developed in Russia and tested on 18,000 persons in clinical trials. Very effective. Go here to read more about this.




When the body, or any living thing, is connected to the earth, the result is powerful and profound healing benefits including the relief of knee pain. It is anti-inflammatory, relieves pain and promotes the healing of all manner of diseases. Read more about the discovery and simple application of Earthing here



For more than 50 years prolotherapy has been practiced in the USA .  The protocol is to inject a natural irritant solution into the injured joint.  This facilitates the body's own repair mechanism to provide cell growth and replacement of damaged tissues.  There have been numerous clinical studies that have proven the effectiveness of this thereapy.  It is a good alternative to surgery and drugs.  Click here to read more about Prolotherapy.



Get a TENS unit for about 40 bucks at Overstock dot com. They also have them on Ebay but when I got mine that was the best deal. These things really work to relieve knee pain or pain anywhere else for that matter.


RICE Remedy

I was told of a natural remedy for knee pain that involves a treatment called R.I.C.E.

R:  is for resting your knee.

I:   is for putting ice on your knee.

C:  is for applying compression.

E:  is for elevating your leg and easing pressure on your knee.


Ibuprophen Risks and Natural Alternatives

Most of us have no knowledge as to how risky ibuprofen is to the body and that there are many effective natural alternatives without the dangerous side effects.  Click here to read more about Ibuprofen Risks and Natural Alternatives.



There are many herbs that can be helpful in reducing your knee pain.  Some may even prove to be the perfect natural cure for your knee pain.  Among these herbs, some you can mix with warm water or take in capsule form.  They all are effective as a natural home remedy for providing relief and alleviating your knee pain.

Here is a listing of some of these herbs:  maha, cat’s claw, vogaraja, devil’s claw, guggulun, boswellia, higulesvara, simhananda, rasa, vati, eranda paka, and visatinduka.


Lose Weight

If you are overweight, your knees are really going to feel that extra pressure.  It’s been said that every pound that you are overweight is equal to six times that amount of stress on your knees.  If you are 20 pounds overweight, that is equal to 120 pounds of extra stress on your knees.  The necessary home remedy for your knees in this case is to lose weight.  Diet is a logical place to start.  Also, if you are exercising; be careful of certain exercises that may stress or harm your knees.  Lastly, make sure to have good shoes that are going to be supportive and help with your knee condition.


Try Crutches for Awhile

If you’re suffering from knee pain; one natural remedy or approach may require you to use a pair of crutches.  In addition to other efforts, using crutches can take the weight off the knee joint until it is strong enough to bear your body weight again.



Ice treatment is an important home remedy for knee pain.  If your knee is injured, painful and/or swollen; applying ice is the route to take.  Ice is a great anti-inflammatory agent that will reduce the amount of blood flow along with swelling and pain.  You can take an ice pack and wrap it in a towel or use a frozen bag of peas and do the same thing.  You should try to keep it over your knee for about 15 to 20 minutes at a time.  You should repeat this process until you start to feel the pain decreasing.  If the inflammation and pain has died down; then, you can alternate between hot and cold compresses.


When to Apply Heat

When you’re trying to naturally cure your knee pain; be careful and use discretion when applying heat to your knee.  For instance; if you have injured your knee; there will likely be swelling, and applying heat will not help.  If your knee joints are stiff and sore without any recent injury or swelling; then, applying heat is a good thing to do and can relieve pain and stiffness.  The heat can help improve blood flow and promote healing.  In the early morning and in the evening before retiring for sleep are good times to apply heat to your knee(s).



My knees had been really bothering me for the past six months and after telling my neighbor about them; he suggested a home remedy for knee pain.  He said it was simple, natural and only involved stretching.  He told me to stretch the muscles and tendons that surround and support my knees.  He told me to develop a consistent routine and to stick with it each day.  I took his advice and started to stretch my muscles and tendons as he said twice daily; morning and night.  I was very surprised to see that this actually eliminated the pain I was having in my knees.  I’d say give it a try; you have nothing to lose!



I’ve gone to a physical therapist for help with my knees and the pain I’m experiencing.  He suggested a natural remedy for my knee pain.  He showed me various exercises to gain strength, and to regain the mobility in my knees.  He also encouraged me saying that I could get back to my pre-injury level of activities.  I’ve been doing these for two weeks, and I have seen some improvement.  I’ll keep you updated; but, so far it looks as though this will work!



I went to my naturopath regarding my knee pain.  He prescribed a  natural remedy for my knee pain.  He suggested I take all natural dietary supplements for the pain in my knee joints.  The natural substances he recommended were glucosamine sulfate, hyaluronic acid, and chrondroitin sulfate, S-adenosyl-methionine (SAMe), vitamin E, and vitamin B3.  He said that the combination of these would provide a great approach to not only treating my knee joint problems; but, also to help prevent the problems from beginning.



A good natural cure for knee pain can begin with exercise.  But, you have to be careful and listen to your body and know what to avoid or to go easy on.  For instance when you stretch; be aware and go slow and don’t over stretch and tear a muscle.


Muscle Conditioning

If you have bad knee pain and need a natural cure or way to remedy your situation; then, I would suggest you start with strengthening the muscles that support your knees.  The things that keep your knees together are the muscles and ligaments that surround and connect to your knees.  Your muscles need to be strong to help support your knees and to act as a shock-absorber for your knees.  If muscles like the quadriceps and hamstrings are strong, then your knee joint is also likely to be stronger.  This will help with the daily strain that your knees are constantly under when you walk, run, or climb stairs.


Stretch Out a Cramp

In regarding knee pain; my home remedy concerns what to do when you experience cramping.  When you are experiencing a cramp, stretch your leg and try to fold and unfold your leg to relax the cramping.  The stretching will help to increase the blood circulation.  Also, when you are stretching your leg; try to also smoothly massage and knead the center of your leg muscle where the cramping is taking place.  After you have done this; try to walk it off.



I have some knee building exercises to help any condition with knee pain.  This home remedy is something you can do at home at your own pace ability level.  The two main muscles to build up strength in are the quadriceps and the hamstrings.  The first exercise involves the quadriceps.  Sit on the flour and straighten your knees out.  Then, put a towel or sock underneath the small of your knee, and tighten your quad muscles while keeping your knees still.  Try to keep your leg muscles contracted for up to 30 seconds if you can.  Eventually, try to repeat this process as many as twenty-five times.  Another variation of this exercise is to sit up with your back up against a wall and your legs extended.  Then slowly lift your extended leg a few inches for a count of five before resting for the count of five and resuming the leg raise.  Then switch legs and repeat the process.  If you have a bad back, you can use a pillow to support your back as you do this technique.  My other exercise is for the hamstrings to get stronger.  Lie down on the floor on your stomach with your chin touching the floor.  You can use any kind of weight device to wrap around your ankles and with your knees bent; slowly lift your lower leg between six and twelve inches off the floor and then slowly lower it without touching the floor yet.  Next slowly raise your lower leg again and repeat this as much as you can.  Gradually increase the number of repetitions and the number of the sets that contain the repetitions.


Change in Activity

If you play sports or are involved in athletics; a natural remedy for your knee pain will need to include some modifications in your activities.  The type of sport or training you engage in may need some fine tuning or changes.  Maybe a change from playing from tennis is needed, and swimming should be taken up instead.  These changes may be needed in order to lesson the stress on your knees.  When exercising, non-weight bearing activity should be emphasized.  Activities like swimming, biking, and rowing are all non-weight bearing and also strengthen your thigh muscles.  This will benefit your knees as your legs are stronger and there is less stress on your knees.


Castor Oil Paste

In regard to a home remedy for treating knee pain; you can make a paste at home to apply to the painful area.  There are different paste mixtures that will be helpful.  You can make pastes out of the leaves of black phaseolus seeds, country mallow, castor oil, and rasna.  You can also use  castor oil and turmeric mixed with goat’s milk or clarified butter and some wheat.



My natural cure for dealing with knee pain is to put some wintergreen lotion on it.  This is especially helpful in the winter time when your knee joints can get cold, stiff, and painful.  The wintergreen will help to decrease the pain and will also keep your knee warm as it generates heat.  You can also cover and wrap your knee with a warm cloth after you’ve put on the wintergreen lotion.


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