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Laryngitis Home Remedies, Natural Treatments & Cures



Hot Lemon Tea

I say that you can naturally cure your laryngitis just by sipping on hot lemon tea throughout the day.  You can even sip hot water with added lemon drops.  This will help keep your throat moist and soon heal up your condition.


In the case of having laryngitis; a good home remedy is to create some steam and breathe it in.  First, you need to boil a pot of water and put it on a safe surface.  Next, take a towel and put it over your head and lean over the pot and breathe gently for around ten minutes.  Do this in the morning after awaking and in the evening before going to bed.  Also, be careful to do this very slowly with caution so as to not get burned.  Another way of inhaling steam is to run a hot bath or shower.  If you try these approaches; your laryngitis should go away in no time at all.


Herbal Concoction Laryngitis Home Remedy

My home remedy to treat laryngitis is herbal based.  First, I’ll list the various herbs you’ll need.

They include the following:

One teaspoon of licorice root

One teaspoon of mullein leaves

One teaspoon of coltsfoot leaves

One tablespoon of marshmallow leaves

One cup of boiling water

Take all these combined herbs and mix them with a cup of boiling water.  Next, you’ll need to steep two teaspoons of this herbal mixture for about half an hour in boiling water.  Sip this tea throughout the day, repeating the process each time.  You may want to add some honey for sweetening.


I’m a singer and my home treatment is to avoid getting laryngitis.  I just avoid eating food prior to singing performances.  This is because if you sing on a full stomach; this will interfere with having proper abdominal support.  This is important because the contraction of the abdominal muscles when singing can cause you to have acid reflux which can lead to laryngitis.


It has been known that chocolate and ice cream have caused laryngitis; so, my natural remedy is to avoid these desserts.  I’ve heard that the reason for this is because of allergic reaction to these foods.


If you’ve gotten laryngitis from acid reflux; then, your home treatment should include not eating for at least three to four hours prior to going to bed.  Also, it is helpful to elevate the head of your bed or use pillows to prop your head up higher.


For the singers out there; you need to keep your abdominal muscles toned.  You can do this with regular exercise like doing sit-ups.  This provides a simple home treatment to avoid getting laryngitis.


If you have laryngitis, or want to prevent a dry throat from developing into it; then, avoid using antihistamines.  They can cause drying out in your throat and this will lessen the lubrication of your vocal chords.  This can lead to increased coughing and throat clearing.  If you avoid antihistamines, you’re providing yourself with a good natural remedy to home treat your laryngitis.  Also, this can apply to decongestants as well.


Vinegar and Onion Syrup Home Laryngitis Treatment

I have a couple of home treatments for laryngitis that I’d like to share.  The first one is to mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in about a half cup of some warm water and drink this once every hour for about seven or eight hours straight.  The other home treatment or remedy for laryngitis is to sip some onion syrup.  This onion syrup is made by slicing up three large onions and adding them to about five cups of boiling water to simmer until the water and onion becomes syrupy.  At this stage, strain the excess fluid from the syrupy content.  Next, you’ll need to add about six tablespoons of this syrup into a glass of warm water.  Lastly, add one tablespoon of honey and a dash of lemon to your glass of onion syrup and water mix.  Now, you’ve completed your onion syrup and only need to sip it slowly and reap the benefits.


It is good to be aware of any home treatments for laryngitis regarding children.  Children can get a form of laryngitis spread by air, droplets, and virus.  Have your child rest their voice and body and drink lots of fluids. Also, have your child inhale steam from water or tea.  Additionally it is good to put some warm compresses around your child’s neck.  Children have narrow airways and an infection can cause inflammation in proximity with the trachea and larynx.  This can develop into a serious croup or croup-like condition.  If this happens; remain calm and don’t panic your child.  He or she is already struggling to breathe and any panic will only worsen the condition regarding the availability of oxygen.  Take your child to a window to get some fresh air.  If the air is cold and moist; this will help to reduce any inflammation in the larynx.  Also, you should take your child to bathroom and seal up the room with all windows closed and run some warm water from all the taps.  This is to create some water vapor.  Stay in this room with our child until the physician shows up.


Vinegar & Honey Natural Remedy for Laryngitis

I am a practicing preacher and recently I suffered from an attack of laryngitis.  I tried a natural remedy approach to address this condition, and it worked great!  What I did was to put about two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water with a little bit on honey added to it.  I drank this drink three times a day, and within two days my laryngitis was going away.  If drinking vinegar and water sounds too harsh; remember that adding some honey can really smooth out the taste.


Eliminate Dairy as Natural Cure for Laryngitis

This may not completely and naturally cure your laryngitis; but, it can be very helpful and effective in treating or helping to prevent it.  I’m talking about eliminating dairy products.  If your throat is feeling sore and hot; don’t fill a bowel with ice cream.  This type of milk product will increase the mucus production in your system.  When there is a buildup of mucus; your body’s natural immune system becomes hampered and can’t effectively fight off the laryngitis and any infection.


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