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Lice Home Remedies, Natural Treatments & Cures



Olive Oil

Head lice are a common problem and can be difficult to get rid of.  To treat lice with a home remedy, try using either olive oil or tea tree oil (needs to be diluted).  You can also use mayonnaise by covering your hair and then sleeping with the head covered.  This has also been reported to work well.

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Vinegar is an excellent and very effective home remedy for treating head lice.  This natural treatment is very effective because it will kill all of the nits (eggs) within two days.  After washing your hair with vinegar, be sure to wash your hair well and use a good conditioner.  A good idea is to use a coconut shampoo and conditioner, because studies have shown that lice have adverse reactions to the scent.  Add about fifteen drops of tea tree oil to the shampoo and use it every day. 

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Lemon Juice

To treat lice using a home remedy, try this one! Mix lemon juice with some butter.  Then, apply the mixture directly to your head and leave it on for about fifteen seconds.  Rinse well and wash your hair.  You should notice an improvement in the amount of lice and eggs on your head. 

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It's a good idea to remember that lice treatments go beyond simply washing your hair and going through your hair with a fine tooth comb.  The affected area of a lice infestation goes into the house.  You have to decontaminate everything that you come into contact with.  This includes clothing, bedding, pillows, blankets, linens, etc.  Be sure to wash everything in hot water so that you can be sure to kill the bugs.  If you can't wash the item in hot water, leave it in an airtight bag for about a week.  This will kill the lice and any eggs.  Hair care items like combs, brushes, barrettes, headbands and the like will need to be disinfected as well.  Soak the items in hot water that has been mixed with some medicated shampoo or soak in alcohol.  If your hair care items aren't too expensive, it may be a good idea to simply replace them.  It is also a good idea to have every member of the household go through all of these precautions as well, because lice can easily be passed from one person to another. 

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Good Hygiene

Lice can be difficult to get rid of, but you should NEVER use kerosene as a way to get rid of lice.  This just simply isn't safe.  Another good home remedy for lice is to be sure to not share any of your belongings with someone that has lice.  They spread easily and this is a surefire way to get them.  You should also avoid sexual and all close contact with anyone while they have lice. 

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When my daughter found that she had lice, we were worried about how we were going to get rid of it.  She has very heavy and thick hair.  We tried lots of different home remedies, but found that the best home remedy was to use the original gold colored Listerine mouthwash.  We soaked her hair in the stuff overnight and then rinsed in the morning with cold water.  I also found that the best way to get rid of the eggs was to use white vinegar.  Both of these lice home remedies are excellent ways to get rid of the buggers especially in thick hair. 

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Wintergreen Alcohol

My entire family tends to get lice outbreaks.  We have tried nearly every home remedy in the book, and nothing has worked.  We all found that the mayonnaise would only make our hair greasy and the combs wouldn't actually remove the eggs or the lice.  At one point, we were desperate enough to try the gasoline and kerosene on our heads, but this burned and didn't work anyway.  What we found with all of the experimentation was that wintergreen alcohol works very well.  To avoid breathing in all of the awful fumes, we would simply put a wet and warm rag over our nose and mouth. It is important that you explain the process to kids so they know why you're dumping a bottle of alcohol on their heads.  To kill the lice effectively, simply pour the alcohol in a spray bottle and spray onto the head, while rubbing into the scalp.  Pull the hair back if it’s long and place a shower cap on the head.  It's also a good idea to wash your hair with T-Gel shampoo after you rinse the alcohol off of your head because it may dry your scalp out.  You will also still need to pick out the nits because they can still be stuck to strands of hair. 

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Vaseline Head Lice Home Remedy

When I was younger, I suffered from a horrible bout of head lice.  My family doctor even prescribed a treatment from the pharmacy and this failed to work – twice! Eventually, the lice got so awful that I developed blisters and sores on my head and even lost some hair (which never really grew back).  Finally, I found that covering my head with Vaseline was the best home remedy for getting rid of the head lice.  I covered my head and then wrapped it in plastic saran wrap.  I kept this on my head for two days and the lice were gone when I unwrapped my head.  Try this home remedy – it really works!

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Essential Oils

When I found that I had lice, I tried lots of over the counter treatments, and nothing worked well.  The first time I found the lice, I tried using permanent hair dye, and this only kept them away for about six months.  The next time, I tried making my own home remedy concoction for head lice.  I mixed lavender, tea tree and almond essential oils.  I put this on the hair and covered my head in plastic wrap.  I slept with the oils on my head and rinsed and washed well in the morning.  Not only did this work for getting rid of the lice, but it made my hair incredibly soft and my hair smelled wonderful! My son eventually got lice and since the infestation wasn't too awful, we used a combination of tea tree shampoo with coconut conditioner.  Another good idea is to blow dry the hair and use a straightener on it if it's long enough.  Lice cannot live in high heat, and using the straightener is a great way to take advantage of this natural treatment.  You can also use lavender to naturally treat head lice.  Simply try adding lavender oil to your bath and use lavender shampoo and conditioner.  Lavender is great to use when you're already rid of the lice, but need to keep them away.  You can get a good organic lavender shampoo and conditioner from www dot ocean-lovers dot com.

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Tomato Sauce

If you find that you're suffering from head lice, look no further than this great home treatment.  This is an effective and wonderful natural remedy that quickly and easily gets rid of them! I found my head was itching, which I originally thought was a reaction to my hair dye.  Turns out, I had head lice.  So, I covered my head in tomato sauce (both my hair and scalp), then I wrapped my entire head in saran wrap and blow dried the wrap so that it would cling tightly to my head.  I left this on for two hours.  Then, in the bath, I rinsed my head so that everything was out of my hair.  Then, I poured vinegar over my head and massaged into the scalp.  Grossly enough, when I looked into the bathtub after rinsing the vinegar out of my hair, I saw that they were all floating around in the water.  You can also try using mayonnaise, and this is even great because it makes hair extremely soft and gives hair a lovely shine.

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