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Lice Home Remedies, Natural Cures & Treatments



Salt, Lemon & Vinegar

After trying every lice home remedy in the book, I tried this one.  I mixed four tablespoons of sea salt in warm water and added lemon juice and vinegar to the mix.  I put the solution on my head and wrapped it completely using a plastic shopping bag.  This can itch the scalp and cause a bit of irritation, but you'll find that in twenty minutes, you can remove the shopping bag, rinse the hair and you'll be lice free!

* * *

Mouthwash Vinegar

There are some herbal remedies that work and you may want to try these.  It is important to keep in mind that not all home remedies work the same way and what works for one person may not work for you.  That being said, I use a system that I have developed over the years and this is a great natural treatment for getting of head lice.  First, completely cover the head using Listerine or any other type of alcohol mouthwash (store brand works fine).  Then, wrap the head completely using a shower cap, cling wrap or plastic shopping bag.  Be sure that you have all of your hair inside the wrap.  Keep this on your head for two hours.  After the two hours, rinse the hair thoroughly until all of the mouthwash is out (keep rinsing until the water runs clear).  Next, make a mixture using three quarters of a cup of water with a quarter cup of vinegar and cover the head again.  This should be done as soon as the Listerine is rinsed out.  Cover the head with a clean wrap and allow it to sit with the water and vinegar   mixture for about an hour.  Next, rinse the vinegar solution from your hair and cover your hair with any kind of conditioner.  Do not rinse your hair.  Next, go through the hair using a fine tooth comb (metal tooth is best).  Go through the hair from root to the tip.  Finally, shampoo your hair like you usually do.  This may take a few tries, but you will find that this is the best home remedy for getting rid of head lice.  Good luck!

* * *

Denorex Shampoo

Whenever I get lice, I will start using a combination of Denorex Shampoo and I follow with Suave Coconut conditioner.  This is the best home remedy that I have found for treating lice. 

* * *

Dishwashing Soap & Tea Tree Oil

Whenever someone in your household is infested with lice, you'll need to treat the entire family.  Make a big batch of this natural treatment and use it on everyone in your family.  Mix eight ounces of white vinegar with twenty five ounces of Dawn Dishwashing liquid (ONLY use Dawn, NOT the store brand) and four ounces of tea tree oil.  Combine all three ingredients together.  Use this solution just as you would your normal shampoo. Leave it on your hair for about five minutes before you rinse.  You'll need to follow with a conditioner to keep dandruff at bay and to keep the hair soft.  You may find that the tea tree oil can cause dandruff and dry out your scalp, but this is a great natural treatment for getting rid of the lice.  Use this solution as a shampoo every day and you'll find that the lice will be gone in about a week.  It is also important that you don't get this into the mouth or the eyes. 

* * *

Alcohol & Vaseline

Try these steps to quickly rid yourself of head lice.  First, soak your head in something that has a lot of alcohol.  Vodka, rum, whiskey, etc are all good to use.  The idea with this is to kill the eggs.  After soaking the head, wash your hair well using a dandruff shampoo.  After shampooing, cover your head with something that will smother the eggs and keep new eggs from hatching.  Ideally, this will be something slimey like raw eggs, mayonnaise or vaseline.  Wrap the head with a shower cap or plastic bag and sleep with it on.  In the morning, wash your hair and you'll find that the eggs and lice will be gone. 

* * *

Shampoo Formula

Make a homemade lice shampoo by combining about 16 drops (use no more than that) of oregano oil with Dawn dish soap (one tablespoon), one tablespoon of vinegar, four tablespoons of Paul Mitchell's tea tree oil shampoo, four ounces of Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 Peppermint Castile Liquid soap, one tablespoon of salt and four ounces of water.  Wash your hair with this as your shampoo for about a week and you'll find that the lice will be gone quickly.  This is an excellent home remedy for lice. 

* * *

Tea Tree Oil and Zinc

Lice are spread by contact with others that are infested.  While it's impossible to completely avoid any and all people that have lice, you can treat it if you become infected.  Try adding a small amount of essential oils (tea tree oil works best) to your shampoo if there are several people around you that have become infested with lice.  Another great home remedy for lice is to use a dandruff shampoo that has zinc as the main active ingredient.  This is great for repelling lice.  You can also take zinc supplements for similar results.  If you decide to take the zinc supplements, be sure that you follow the dosage on the package. 

* * *

Prell and Vinegar

Lice is common when you grow up on a farm.  When anyone in my family found that they had lice, we would wash hair using Prell shampoo, then rise with apple cider vinegar.  Leave the apple cider vinegar in your hair and you'll soon be lice free.  This is an excellent home remedy for treating lice. 

* * *

Quassia Tree Bark Head Lice Home Remedy

At one point, everyone in my family was infested with lice.  We had an awful infestation and did not know what to do.  Then, we found this wonderful natural treatment for lice and have been so pleased with the results.  Order some Quassia Tree Bark (you can order it online) and make a tea from the bark.  To make the tea, boil one ounce of the bark for every two cups of water for about thirty minutes.  Allow the tea to cool, then add about a third of a cup of rubbing alcohol to the tea.  Then, spray the mixture on your hair, and do this every day.  You should also do this after shampooing the hair as well.  It is also safe to use to treat carpets, furniture and on pets.  Add some bleach to the mixture and you can use it with your regular shampoo.  The Quassia Bark actually dissolves the lice including the nits and the eggs.  You'll find that the lice should be gone in about three weeks (this was for my family of seven).

* * *

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