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Loose Teeth Home Remedies & Natural Remedies


Rubber Bit

I had several teeth come loose recently.  I found that biting down on rubber actually helps to tighten the teeth.  I will bite down on the rubber using both sides of my mouth, and I also use the front teeth as well.  I found that the front teeth on the bottom were coming loose, and this was likely due to the fact that they did not get much stimulation and use because of my bit.  Oddly enough, I was able to obtain the rubber from my turkey baster.  I cut the strip or rubber off of it and then folded it over so that it was three times folded over.  After following this regimen for several weeks, I went to my dentist and she was shocked by how well my teeth were doing.  I went ahead and told her what I had done to tighten my teeth and she was amazed and told me to continue doing it! This is a great and effective home remedy for loose teeth. 

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You can tighten up loose teeth and cure gum disease with MMS or Master Mineral Solution. It is cheap and commonly available. This is the most effective most powerful antibiotic and antiviral compound ever discovered. Millions have used it successfully - not toxic to human cells and has no known side effects. Go here to find out about MMS.

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Mustard Oil

Try this natural home remedy to treat loose teeth.  Massage your gums for about ten minutes twice a day with this homemade concoction made with mustard oil and table salt.  This is a great home remedy for loose teeth. 

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Gum Massager

When I had loose teeth, my dental hygienist told me to purchase a cheap (it was about two or three dollars) tool made by GUM.  The tool has a metal toothbrush like handle and a small rubber pointed tip at the other end.  Simply massage your gums with the device.  These tools last for quite some time, so you likely will only need to buy one a year.  This is great for keeping the gums healthy and it will help to tighten the gums and teeth.  Good luck!

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Natural Mouthwash

Jason's makes a wonderful all natural mouthwash.  I have used it as a home remedy for receding gums and I have had several friends that have used it for treating loose teeth.  There are lots of good quality ingredients in the mouthwash like tea tree oil, aloe and Co-Q10. 

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Vitamin C Remedy

Treat your loose teeth using a simple home remedy of increasing the amount of vitamin C in your diet.  Not only is this vitamin good for you and will provide you with lots of other health benefits, but you'll notice that your teeth will tighten up as well.

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Turmeric and Mustard Oil

This is a wonderful home remedy for loose teeth.  I made a paste using half of a teaspoon of table salt mixed with a half of a teaspoon of mustard oil and half of a teaspoon of turmeric powder.  I will mix this together and then massage onto my gums for ten minutes a day.  I love this home remedy for loose teeth. 

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Sesame Oil

Try sesame oil as a home remedy for loose teeth.  Simply massage the oil onto your gums.  You will see your loose teeth strengthening.  This is a very effective home remedy for loose teeth. 

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Dung Powder

An old and traditional home remedy for loose teeth is to burn a cow dung cake and then crush into a powder.  Then, massage the gums with this powder.  This is not only a wonderfully effective home remedy for loose teeth, but it is very effective for lots of other oral health issues. 


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