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Loose Teeth Natural Remedies & Home Remedies



Black Pepper and Turmeric

Mix black pepper and turmeric together for a fantastic home remedy for loose teeth. Then, apply the mixture onto your gums.  Make the mixture by combining turmeric root and black pepper in equal parts in a small bowl.  You can also use a mortar and pestle, but crush the ingredients together until they are fully incorporated.  Then, use clean fingertips and massage the mixture gently onto the gums.  Massage for about two minutes.  Then, rinse your mouth fully with clean, cool filtered water.  Do not eat or drink anything for thirty minutes after you have done this treatment.  As long as your gums do not show any irritation from this treatment, you can do this daily until you notice an improvement in your loose teeth. 

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Amala Fruit

Common in Ayurvedic medicine, amla fruit is a great home remedy for loose teeth.  This fruit helps to support the connective tissue all throughout the body and also helps to strengthen the gums.  To use amla fruit to strengthen loose teeth, combine even amounts of the fruit with water in a cup.  Stir to fully incorporate the two ingredients.  It is also important that you use filtered water, not tap water.  Rinse your mouth with the mixture once a day.  This can also be done as often as your need it.  Try to avoid eating or drinking anything for an hour after you rinse with the amla fruit mixture.  If you prefer not to rinse, you can also try taking the amla fruit that can be found in capsules. 
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Another great home remedy for loose teeth is to regulate and fix your diet.  Try to eat more vegetables and fresh fruits.  Avoid sugar and reduce your intake of foods that are too sugary.  Hard candy and chewing gum are terrible for your teeth and gums and can cause problems later.  Instead, try to eat only natural foods that will provide your body with essential nutrients. 

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Chaparral is a helpful herbal remedy for loose teeth. 

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Herbs for Connective Tissue

Connective tissue should be strengthened to strengthen loose teeth.  To accomplish this, try ingesting herbs that support healthy connective tissue development.  Hawthorn berry and bilberry root are wonderful and well known for strengthening gums.  You can also try licorice root for the reduction of plaque and the prevention of cavities.  Licorice root also has many antibacterial properties. 

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Herbal Formula for Loose Teeth Home Remedy

You can also try herbs that strengthen the teeth by strengthening bones.  This home remedy consists of ingesting cinnamon bark, turmeric root, alfalfa leaf and yellow dock root.  Not only do these herbs help with loose teeth, but they are also great for helping bones and joints all over your body. 


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