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Low Blood Pressure Natural Cures, Home Remedies & Treatments



Black Coffee

Whenever you feel low blood pressure symptoms setting in, you should try this great home remedy.  Low blood pressure can be treated naturally by drinking some black coffee.  Be sure that the coffee is strongly brewed and is drunk throughout the day.  You should not only drink this regularly throughout the day, but you can drink it whenever you begin to feel light headed.  This is important and works well because organs are stimulated and the blood pressure is increased.  The caffeine in coffee causes the heart to beat faster and this will increase the pressure of the blood in the arteries.  This is an excellent natural cure for low blood pressure symptoms. 

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Blood pressure can be quickly boosted by trying this great natural remedy.  Try soaking several raisins overnight in water.  In the morning, eat the raisins on an empty stomach.  It is important that you do this when your stomach is empty.  This is a great way to treat low blood pressure and low blood pressure symptoms.  After you eat the raisins, be sure that you drink a large glass of water.  After you finish drinking the water, wait a few hours before eating your first meal.  This is a great way to naturally cure low blood pressure. 

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Warm Water Home Remedy Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure can be kept under control using this very simple home remedy.  The pressure of your blood can be at its optimum level if all of your organs are functioning properly and are kept clean.  One of the best ways to do this is to drink several glases of warm water throughout the day.  This is very important because it keeps the bowels very clean.  Not only is this good for your organs and your blood pressure, but it is also good for your overall health.  This is a very simple way that is very effective at naturally managing low blood pressure.  Lukewarm water keeps the body free of toxins and elevates low blood pressure to proper levels. 

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Licorice Drink

You can try this great natural treatment for low blood pressure.  Try taking some licorice and crush it until it forms a powder.  Set the powder aside. Then, mix the powder into four cups of cold water.  Allow the mixture to steep for approximately two hours.  Once the steeping time has lapsed, bring the solution to a boil on the stove.  Boil the licorice and water solution for about five minutes.  Once the mixture has been fully boiled, add it to your bath water.  Stay soaked in the water for several minutes (until the water is no longer comfortably warm).  This allows the mixture and the different compounds that are found in licorice to fully absorb into the body.  Because the skin is the body's biggest organ, this is a great way to absorb this natural remedy into your body.  This is one of my favorite home remedies for low blood pressure. 

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Increase Alcohol Intake

While there is sufficient evidence that alcohol thins the blood and makes blood pressure weaker, it has also been shown that a small amount of alcohol can actually have the opposite effect.  When drank in small doses, alcohol is actually an effective home remedy for low blood pressure.  One of the best ways to do this is to drink brandy or another kind of your favorite spirit, but dilute it with water first.  Be sure that you are starting off with a small quantity of alcohol.  While this does not completely cure low blood pressure, it can offer a small bit of relief from the symptoms caused by low blood pressure.  This can be especially helpful for those trying to manage their low blood pressure naturally without prescription drugs or doctor intervention. 

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Ammonia Aromatic Spirit

While the foul smell of ammonia aromatic spirit can be described at the very least as “unpleasant”, this awfully disgusting aroma is actually very effective when used as a natural remedy for low blood pressure.  Simply mix a teaspoon of the ammonia aromatic spirit with equal amounts of water and drink.  While this is extremely uncomfortable to drink, it will provide relief from many of the annoying symptoms causes by low blood pressure.  Not only will this offer some relief from the low blood pressure symptoms, you'll also find that this mixture will elevate low blood pressure levels.  This might not be a popular treatment, but it's an excellent natural treatment for low blood pressure. 

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