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Low Blood Sugar Home Remedies, Natural Remedies & Treatments



Starch Based Diet Low Blood Sugar Home Remedy

Eating a starch based diet is by far the best home remedy for low blood sugar. A starch based diet will relieve hypoglycemia and its symptoms. This is a disease is a disease that is caused by our diet. If we are eating over processed foods which are high in sugars, fats and sodium in addition to meat and dairy products we are a disaster waiting to happen. A diet high in fats and sugars and low in necessary fiber and nutrition will result in making the body ill. It is important to limit the amount of fruits you eat if you have low blood sugar because fruits are high in sugar. Eating a diet of starch includes potatoes, whole grain pastas and brown rice, and corn along with a variety of fresh vegetables and legumes. You do not need to worry about how much you eat on a starch based diet because it is healthy and you will actually lose weight if you need to. Go to this link to read more about Diet Home Remedy for Low Blood Sugar - Hypoglycemia.


Avoid Fruits Natural Remedy Low Blood Sugar

My natural remedy for low blood sugar is to cut back on fruits and sugars. Fruits are naturally high in sugar and can have a negative effect on your blood sugar levels. Also cut out sugary sodas. Make sure you eat a healthy diet and eat quality snacks in between meals such as nuts and cut up vegetables.


Lipoic Acid

Lipoic Acid has been shown to improve all blood sugar problems in many clinical studies.  It occurs naturally in our bodies and in plants and it is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants known. Go to this link read about Lipoic Acid Home Remedy for Low Blood Sugar.  The end of the article details some of the many studies that have been done.  The proof is overwhelming.  Anyone over 40 ought to be taking lipoic acid everyday as a supplement.


Beta Glucan

Beta glucan is the most potent immune system regulator known to man – even better than interferon.  It is also very useful in regulating blood sugar.  Volumes of studies have been done on beta glucan for the past 30 years.  Go to this link to read more about Beta Glucan.


Apples Low Blood Sugar Treatment

I learned that apples are wonderful for low blood sugar. Eating a whole apple including the skin after a meal is actually a very effective treatment for low blood sugar.


Mango Tree Leaves

A good home remedy for hypoglucose is powdered mango tree leaves. Grind up dry mango tree leaves and make into powder then mix about half a teaspoon in water and drink this daily.


Avoid Stress

It has been proven that stress causes your body to release hormones that affect the way your own body absorbs sugar into your blood cells. Stress will prevent your body from absorbing sugar properly then the body stores the sugar as fat. If the body were to absorb the sugar properly the sugar would be turned into energy but instead it is turned into insulin which becomes is more than your body needs and thus you end up with low blood sugar.  There are many ways to eliminate stress from your life. Meditation, daily exercise, a brisk walk, drinking herbal tea and reading a book, a hot soothing bath and so on. Stress impacts our bodies and our emotions greatly. If you find yourself needing support you can always turn to a good friend or a counselor to help you also. I do know that when you eat a healthy plant based diet your stress levels will naturally be reduced.


Cinnamon Tea Natural Treatment Low Blood Sugar

There are many different ways you can help to lower blood sugar such as eating frequent small meals and taking care to avoid unhealthy refined foods. Also a great natural treatment for low blood sugar is a tea such as cinnamon and blueberry leaf. Either of these teas is wonderful for regulating hypoglycemia.


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