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Low Blood Sugar Natural Home Remedies, Cures & Treatments



Cranberry Juice

I had problems with low blood sugar and found a good home remedy that really works. I drink natural cranberry juice. Cranberry juice is known to help stabilize blood sugar so try it if you are struggling with low blood sugar.


Ayurvedic Natural Remedy

Indukantham kashaym is an ayurvedic natural remedy used for low blood sugar. Take this ayurvedic herbal tonic with equal amounts of water once a day and you will feel much better.


Avoid Caffeine

If you have hypoglycemia a treatment that works is avoidance of all caffeinated products. Caffeine is not good for low blood sugar.


No Refined Foods Home Remedy Low Blood Sugar

White flour, white rice, processed foods, soda pop and so on are really bad for us. My home remedy for hypoglycemia is to avoid refined and processed foods.


Herbal Natural Remedies

There are ways to help your low blood sugar. A natural remedy using herbs is one way to help manage blood sugar levels. Neem Azhadiracta Indica is a fantastic herb remedy for low blood sugar. This herb has actually been proven to help prevent low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. This herb is also a blood purifier and helps your body to detoxify. The Indian government equivalent of the FDA has actually approved the herb Neem as a treatment for diabetes as well.


Proper Rest

If you have hypoglycemia I highly recommend getting proper rest. If you do not allow your body to sleep an adequate amount and also not rest during the day you could actually cause more harm to your body. A treatment for low blood sugar is to sleep well and rest throughout the day as needed. Listen to your body!


Molasses Hypoglycemia Home Remedy

You would never suspect molasses to be a home remedy for low blood sugar, but it is! Molasses is an excellent source of nutrition and a remedy for a hypoglycemic attack. I know some people that take a tablespoon of molasses a day to help ward off low blood sugar.


Vitamins B, C and E

It is super important to make sure you are taking quality vitamin supplements if you are suffering from low blood sugar. Vitamins C, B and E and excellent natural remedies for hypoglycemia. Certain foods are naturally rich in these vitamins. Bananas, sunflower seeds, citrus fruits, and legumes are wonderful sources of vitamin C, E and B.



I have problems with low blood sugar and what I do is take a handful of raisins, approximately about thirty five raisins and I soak them in water overnight. In the morning I eat the raisins slowly one at a time and sip on water. This really helps my hypoglycemia.


Almonds Home Remedy Low Blood Sugar

My mom used to make me this almond drink that really helped my low blood sugar. She would take about ten almonds and put them in a bowl of water overnight and in the morning she would peel the almonds then grind them up to create a paste. Take the almond paste and mix in almond milk or water and drink it. It is wonderful!


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