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Lowering Cholesterol Naturally - Natural Remedies, Home Remedies & Cures



All parts of the body harbor cholesterol. It is a waxy, fatty, yellowish substance which our body needs to operate in a healthy way.  If we have too much of it, it begins to build up on the interior surfaces of our veins and arteries.  This is what we call plaque.  This can cause our arteries to become narrow and sometimes blocked by this fatty yellow wax.  Click here to read more about cholesterol causes and symptoms.


Diet as Natural Home Remedy for Lower Cholesterol

You can lower your cholesterol with natural home remedies.  The medical industry, (drug companies and doctors) are primarily intent on lowering our cholesterol with medications.  These are primarily a class of drug we call statins and include Lipitor, Zocor and Mevacor.  The hard truth is the saving of lives with this method does not live up to the hype.  It does live up to big profits.  Patients who take the time to research this and be well-informed will come to understand that they can bring these elevated triglyceride and cholesterol levels down by addressing the cause – a diet that is rich with animal products and skimpy on plant foods.  If you start with an average cholesterol of 220, you can realize a reduction of 30 points in 2 weeks with nothing more than this change in diet. The higher the cholesterol is in the beginning the more dramatic will be the reduction.  The lowering of triglycerides can also be just as profound.  For best reduction in triglycerides, we should reduce the intake of simple sugars which include fruit and juice.  You can learn more about lowering cholesterol naturally here.


Watch this 3 minute video with Dr. John McDougall, MD, where he explains the cause of high cholesterol and how to cure it naturally with diet.


Juice from an onion can be used to lower cholesterol, cleanse the blood and fortify the heart.


Here is a very good tried and true natural remedy for lowering cholesterol.  Mix a teaspoon of powdered fenugreek seeds in a cup of hot water.  Let it steep for a few minutes and drink.  Do this each morning 30 minutes before eating.  Do it for a month.  If you want your cholesterol to go even lower, wait two weeks and then do the tea again for a month.


Lowering Cholesterol with Niacin Natural Home Remedy

Niacin or vitamin B3 can be used effectively to lower cholesterol naturally.  Niacin was first unveiled in 1954 as a blood fat lowering substance and it was the first substance ever found to prevent heart disease.  Niacin is very efficient at favorably modifying several triglyceride and cholesterol characteristics.  This makes it ideal for addressing some of the risk factors (signs) that point to risk of having a stroke or heart attack.  Niacin works by slowing the manufacture of very low density lipoprotein in the liver.  This blocks the flow of fatty acids from the fat tissues in our body while lowering the amount of LDL or bad cholesterol.  All the while it will bring triglyceride levels down and increase HDL or good cholesterol.  Niacin is the most effective substance available for increasing HDL cholesterol.  Common results from taking Niacin are EatLDL down 10 to 25 percent; triglycerides down 20 to 50 percent; HDL up 15 to 35 percent. Even more important, niacin as been shown to substantially reduce heart attacks and total death rate by about 27 percent.  Some studies point out that taking niacin along with a drug that binds cholesterol such as Colestipol is more effective than taking “statins.”  Click here to read about >lowering cholesterol with niacin in greater depth.


Watch the following video to understand the mechanism of heart attack and stroke. 

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