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Lowering Cholesterol Naturally - Natural Remedies, Cures & Home Remedies



Mix ½ half cup each of grape juice and apple cider vinegar and 2 cups of apple juice.  Drink about a third of a cup every morning. This will set your cholesterol on the right track.


Lowering Cholesterol Naturally with Diet

Diet is the best way to lower cholesterol naturally.  There is zero – zip – cholesterol in plant foods.  As much as possible cut down on meat, eggs and dairy.  Best is to eliminate these altogether.  Eat a starch based diet.  Eat all of it you want and you will lose weight (if you are overweight), your blood pressure will normalize and your cholesterol will be good.  You may ask how you will get your protein?  Don’t believe that propaganda from the meat and dairy industry.  Use common sense.  Look at a horse – how does it get its protein?  A 1500 pound powerful animal and it only eats plants!  What about elephants, apes, cows, rhinoceroses, and on and on?  None of these big powerful animals eat meat or dairy.  All plants, grains, beans and fruits have protein and plenty of it.


Eat bran cereals to lower cholesterol.  Eat bran with or after each meal.


Each week, get in 2 to 3 hours of walking and you will be less prone to have high cholesterol.  People who walk have also been found to have significantly higher levels of blood components that help to avoid heart disease.  Walking also increases the density of bones, improves the overall cardiovascular system and keeps weight under control.


Click here to read a really good posthumous interview with Tim Russert the TV commentator who died suddenly of a heart attack.  The discussion is about how the heart attack occurred and what could have been done about it.


Lemons as Natural Home Remedy for High Cholesterol

This summer, my mother-in-law was in Europe visiting with her relatives.  She told them about not being able to eat some foods because she was experiencing high cholesterol.  They told her about this home remedy for high cholesterol.  Squeeze 20 lemons and peel and crush 20 cloves of garlic.  Put this mixture in a quart canning jar with a sealed lid.  Keep it in a dark place for 20 days.  Then begin drinking a teaspoon of this each morning about 30 minutes prior to drinking or eating anything.


I lowered my cholesterol from 265 to 195 over a time period of 2 years and took no medications.  My triglycerides also went down.  So here is how I did it.  Exercise everyday by walking.  Have oatmeal every morning with flax seeds.  Almond butter or almonds each evening.  I completely eliminated margarine as it is a hydrogenated (trans-fat) oil.  Instead I would use olive oil.  I added in a lot more fruit and veggies to my daily fare and ate more fish.  As much as I could I got fat out of my diet.  I took garlic capsules, pomegranate, plant sterols  and stenols.


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