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Malaria Natural Home Remedies, Cures & Treatments



Mosquito Protection

Be sure to protect the skin from mosquito bites.  You will also want to keep the skin clean, as well as your house and environment.  Be sure that you do not have any stagnant water around your property as this is where mosquitoes tend to congregate and this will become a breeding ground for the disease. 

* * *

Fenugreek Seeds

One of the most effective natural cures for malaria is to add fenugreek seeds to your daily food intake.  These seeds work as super foods as they help to boost your body's immunity and help your body to fight off infection from parasites.  There are lots of wonderful recipes online that will help you to add these seeds to your diet.  Fenugreek seeds are a wonderful natural cure for malaria. 

* * *

Whole Foods

Treat your malaria using the simple home treatment of avoiding oily food, spicy food, junk food and pre-packaged food.  These foods are hard for the body to digest and will only make your symptoms worse.

* * *

Cold Pack on the Forehead

Once the fever from malaria has begun, you can naturally treat it by applying a cold pack to the forehead.  While this may not completely cure the malaria, it will help the fever to be somewhat more tolerable. 

* * *

Honey, Bel Flower and Tulsi Leaf Juice

An easy and effective home remedy for malaria is to make your own drink by mixing equal parts honey, bel flower juice and tulsi leaf juice.  Drink a few teaspoons of this twice a day until symptoms subside.

* * *

Raisins, Ginger and Water

Boil one glass of water with three teaspoons of raisins and some ginger together.  Continue to boil all three ingredients together until the water has been reduced by half.  Once the reduction is complete, remove from heat and allow to cool.  Drink the solution and drink once daily until you notice an improvement in your malaria symptoms. 

* * *

Grapes as Natural Cure for Malaria

An easy natural cure for malaria is to try to eat lots of grapes while your symptoms are at their worst.  Grapes are really beneficial for treating all of the symptoms of malaria.  You may also find that grapefruit is especially helpful during the first three days of a malaria infection. 

* * *

Boiled Orange Skin

Simply boil the skin of an orange in clean water for 20 minutes.  When the time has lapsed, filter the water and then drink it.  Try this once a day until you begin to feel better. 

* * *

Lemon and Onion Juice

A friend of mine was suffering from malaria and the fever was horrific.  To treat it, my friend used this awesome natural treatment which really seemed to work well to reduce the fever.  They mixed one spoonful of onion juice with one spoonful of lemon juice.  While this isn't the most pleasant tasting drink in the world, it has to be drank three times a day.  This is a great natural treatment to reduce malarial fever.

* * *

Lemon with Salt and Pepper

Take a piece of lemon and fill it with black pepper and salt.  Heat the filled piece of lemon and slowly suck on it until all of the pepper and salt are gone.  Do this twice a day. 

* * *

Buttermilk as Home Remedy for Malaria

To bring your fever with malaria to an end, you'll want to treat it religiously.  Keep using this simple home remedy every fourth day and your fever will stop quickly and you'll be on the road to a speedy recovery.  Simply drink some buttermilk every fourth day as often as your fever continues to repeat.  This should work very well in keeping your fever at bay. 

* * *

Apple, Guava and Bananas

You can quickly get over your malaria if you eat apples, guava and bananas during your illness.  This is a simple natural treatment that efficiently works well with your body to fight malaria. 

* * *

Coriander and Ginger Powder

Make your own mixture at home and you'll find that this easy natural remedy for malaria will work wonders in healing your body.  Mix equal parts of dry ginger powder (Saunth) with coriander (Dhania) powder.  Eat this mixture three times a day (one dose is one spoonful).  This will quickly reduce your fever.

* * *

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