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Mange Natural Home Remedies and Natural Treatments



Warm Water and Soap

If you have a pet that is suffering from mange, a good idea is to try this amazingly simple home remedy.  Mix some soap with a few drops of warm water.  This mixture should then be applied to the affected area.  This is especially helpful because it kills the mites that are causing the mange and creating a waxy buildup on the skin.  Not only will this home cure treat the mange, but it will also prevent the mange from spreading to other parts of your pet's body. 

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Regular Bathing for Mange

One of the best home cures for mange is to simply keep your pet clean.  Routinely bathe your pet and allow the scans and scaly skin to heal properly by keeping the skin clean. 

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Clean Bedding as Mange Home Remedy

Keep mange at bay by combating it with cleanliness.  A great home remedy for mange is to keep their bedding clean.  While you should be sure to clean their bed thoroughly, be sure that you clean pillows, blankets and any other items that your dog may sleep or lie on throughout the day.  This is a simple home remedy that works very well when trying to get rid of mange. 

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One of my favorite natural remedies for mange is simple and only requires one ingredient.  Simply add honey to the affected area.  Be sure that you are using locally made honey, and that it is organic without any added chemicals.  It is also important that you don't go with a store-brand honey.  This is a great natural remedy for mange.

* * *

Yellow Dock and Echinacea Extract

Treat a pet that has been infected with mange with this great natural home remedy.  Mix ten drops of Echinacea extract with ten drops of yellow dock root extract.  Dilute this mixture with four ounces of water that has been distilled.  Once thoroughly mixed and diluted, apply the mixture to the skin.  This is wonderfully effective because yellow dock extract works very well as a natural anti-itch treatment.  You might also want to use some aloe vera and calendula, as these are also great natural remedies for treating itching skin. 

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Relieving Stress

While this should go without saying, it is worth it to mention this.  Your dog should not be given any human food (other than the natural and organic foods listed here as natural cures for mange), drugs or chemicals or dips.  Obviously, your poor pet is under a great deal of stress and these harsh treatments and products will just make them feel worse.  Instead, one of the most amazing home cures for mange is just to make your pet comfortable.  Do this by allowing them to rest in a stress free environment that is dry and cool.  If you aren't already, you should also feed your dog some high quality dog food.  They will need optimum nutrition while trying to get rid of the mange infestation.

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Calamine Lotion and Sulfur

This is the perfect home remedy to treat mange.  Mix one part aloe vera liquid with one part sulfur and one part calamine lotion.  Once this has been mixed well, boil one gallon of clean and filtered water.  Once the water has reached a boil, add the aloe vera, calamine lotion and sulfur mixture.  Allow to cool once the solution has reached a boil.  After it as cooled, rub the solution on your pet's skin and pay special attention to the areas that are most affected by the mange.  Do not rinse the solution off.  This should be repeated every four to five days.  While you'll be pleased to see that the mange will be healed (albeit a bit slowly), keep in mind that this remedy is not effective at killing the mites.  You will need to use a different remedy for that.  This is a great home remedy to get rid of mange and soothe your pet's irritated skin.

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