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Migraine Natural Home Remedies


Valerian Natural Cure

Valerian is a great nerve tonic used to naturally cure migraines. Valerian also helps some people go to sleep with ease.



Using butterbur is an alternative way of treating your migraine. Butterbur is a root extract that comes from the plant Petasites hybridus. In one study researchers compared butterbur to a placebo and found in four months sixty eight percent of those who were receiving the actual butterbur were seeing a reduction in their frequency of migraines. This study proved that butterbur works best as a preventive treatment, and needs to be taken on a daily basis in order for it to work. When you get up in the morning take seventy five milligrams of butterbur before you do anything else, take another seventy five milligrams at night before you go to bed. Continue this treatment on a daily schedule so that you can prevent your migraines from coming back.

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Bay Leaf

Using bay leaf for migraines works for many people. This herb can be the best way to cure a migraine. When you start to feel the symptoms come on you can make a tea out of the dried leaves. Simply crush the leaves and boil them for about 5 minutes remove from heat, and then allow the tea to brew for about 10 more minutes.


5-Hydroxytryptophan Home Remedy for Migraines

5-Hydroxytryptophan also known as 5-HTP is a natural compound that your body produces from your amino acid tryptophan. Your body uses this compound to make neurotransmitter serotonin and the hormone melatonin. It has been indicated that the compound 5-HTP can prevent a migraine attack, along with reducing the frequency and the severity of the migraines. One study conducted of a 124 people were given 5-HTP or the drug methysegride, and it was determined in six months the people who were taking the 5-HTP were seeing less severity and duration of their migraines. Proving that 5-HTP is as effective as the other commercial drugs for treating migraines. One more study that used 5-HTP found that within four months this natural treatment was just as effective as the drug propranolol in treating the frequency of migraines. These studies have led to the alternative use of 5-HTP as a supplement. The supplement form has been made out of an African plant called Griffonia simplicifolia. You can find this supplement at health food stores and or at some drug stores.


Vinegar Fumes

Sinus blockages can be the main source of your migraines and this can be rectified by using vinegar fumes.  When you are experiencing nasal congestion and you feel a migraine about to come on, bring fifteen ounces of water to a boil in a pan. Once you have brought the water to a boil add in eight ounces of vinegar and let it boil for another two minutes. After it has been two minutes reduce the heat and start breathing in the fumes coming out of the pan. The fumes will help unblock your sinuses and give you some relief from your migraine.


Sweet Honey Drink

Drinking honey water has been known to help relieve migraines. Just take one eight ounce glass of water and add one tablespoon of honey and drink it slowly. If you do this every morning after you wake up you will find that your migraines will be less frequent and less painful. This will also shorten the duration of your migraines when you have them.


Ginseng Natural Cure for Migraines

American ginseng is an herb that works well at curing migraines. It has been used for many years as an antiemetic by alternative healers. This herb is also good for curing nausea and vomiting. It works best when you take a dose at the first sign of your migraine.



Making tea is a great home treatment for migraines especially if the tea is made out of cinnamon and cloves. As soon as you feel that your migraine is starting to come on, place one half teaspoon cinnamon and one teaspoon of cloves into a cup.  Take eight ounces of water and bring it to a boil, after you have boiled your water add it to the cinnamon and cloves. Stir the mixture together and let it sit for five minutes. Start slowly sipping the tea after it has sat there for five minutes; you can wait longer if it needs to cool off. Make sure to strain the tea into another cup before sipping so that you don’t swallow the cloves.



An alternative way to cure your migraines is to use cumin and nutmeg. All it takes is one teaspoon of crushed cumin seeds and one pinch of nutmeg to help give you relief. These mixtures will not only help get rid of your migraine but it will help keep the nausea associated with your migraine from coming on.



A weird home remedy that works great for getting rid of migraines is using a q-tip. You just stick a q-tip up your nose and gently rub. This will gently massage your nerve ending in your nose that is attached to your head. This is one of the quickest ways to give you relief from a migraine. Be cautious when you use a q-tip in your nose. Make sure you do not put it up too far and also be very gentle with the q-tip in your nose.



Taking a shower will help your relieve your migraine because of how soothing the hot water is to both your physical body and your emotional state. The relaxing effect of the shower will help ease stress. The steam will also help your blood circulation and constricted blood ways, which may be all that you need to get rid of your migraine.



By tying a bandana around your head or some other piece of clothing you will give yourself relief from your migraine. The tightness of the bandanna will increase your blood flow and open up any blocked areas allowing your body to rebalance itself.



Buckwheat has a flavonoid called rutin in it, flavoniods are photochemical that are found in plants. These flavoniods have antioxidant properties that can be used to counteract cell damage. It also has been shown that flavoniods can have positive effects on inflammation which is a common cause of migraines and headaches. Buckwheat is a tasty and wonderful way to help relieve you of migraines.



Inflammation is one of the major causes of headaches and migraines and a way to reduce inflammation is to have a daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids. You can find omega-3 in flaxseed which can provide you with relief from your migraines or headaches. You can find flaxseed in many forms including oil, ground, or whole seeds. Either way you decide to take your flaxseed, it is a healthy way of treating migraines at home.



Looking for a good way to cure your migraine at home? Try using crushed neem. When you are experiencing a migraine rub some crushed neem on your forehead and relax for a few hours. Neem has a very strong aroma but it is very healing.



If you have a migraine add three to five drops of radish juice to both nostrils two times a day, and you will feel relief. This is a home remedy that is really effective and won’t take up much of your time or money.


Green Honey Natural Remedy for Migraines

A common remedy that has a lot of healing power over many illnesses including migraines is green tea and honey. This combination of green tea and honey should be consumed in a slow manner with dimmed lights. The quiet environment and dimmed lights will help ease the tension in your head. Once you drink the tea you should begin to feel relief from the migraine within about a half an hour.



If you want to help relieve the pain from your migraine headache, try eating around twelve almonds. It is a great natural remedy for getting rid of migraine pain.


Luke Warm Water

An easy way to help a migraine go away is to simply drink some luke warm water. This will help flush out your bowels and get rid of the toxins in your body’s system. Each morning when you awake drink one glass of luke warm water. Also avoid all processed foods and foods that have a high sugar content.



One way to help relieve the pain from a migraine is simply by turning off the lights and making everything dark. You should draw your shades closed and if possible, put something over your eyes to make it even darker. Some migraines can be brought about by bright lights.  By making everything dark for a while, it should naturally help soften the pain. Once you are lying down in a dark room close your eyes and allow each muscle in your body to completely relax. Relaxing will help your aid your body in the healing process.



Silence is very useful in helping the pain that comes with migraines. One thing you can do is turn off all loud music and televisions. Noise is often a trigger for migraines. This is a good home remedy to help with a migraine attack.


Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners can trigger a migraine or make it worse. If you avoid using them, it could significantly help in preventing a migraine or making it worse.


Mustard Powder Home Remedy for Migraines

When suffering from a migraine, take a ½ teaspoon of mustard powder and mix it in with three teaspoons of water. Then snort if through your nostrils to give yourself instant relief from the migraine.


Avoid Spicy Foods

Avoiding spicy foods, alcohol, and smoking will help prevent frequent migraines.


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