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Morning Sickness Natural Home Remedies


Frequent Meals

One of the best home remedies for morning sickness is to simply eat frequent, smaller meals.  This will keep you from being too full or too hungry at once. 

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You might want to try acupuncture.  One study actually proved that acupuncture helped increase the benefits of their anti-nausea medication.  However, it is important to note that the acupuncture was more effective than the prescription medication to help with the psychological effects of morning sickness. 

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Ginger has been used as a natural cure for nausea for many generations.  Take a few capsules when you start to feel sick.  Not only is ginger wonderful for use in the kitchen with cooking, but it's wonderful as a medicine as well.  The Food and Drug Administration also recognizes ginger as safe to use for medicinal purposes. 

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Peppermint Essential Oil

All you need to do is fill a large bowl with very hot water.  Then, add about two drops of peppermint essential oil to the hot water.  Place the bowl near your bed, preferably on your nightstand, but be sure to keep it out of immediate reach so that you can't knock it over.  If you want to, you can also purchase an aromatherapy diffuser from your local health food store.  Simply add the peppermint essential oil to the diffuser.

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Balanced Stomach

Keep nausea at bay using the simple method of keeping your stomach balanced.  Keep crackers by your bed, and be sure to eat some as soon as you wake up in the morning.  The stomach balance is easy to achieve if you eat small, frequent meals throughout the day.  A good idea is to have someone cook and prepare all of your meals for you.  This way, you won't have to smell the food and you can be solely focused on eating the food.  You should also completely avoid all foods that seem to trigger your nausea.  Be sure that you drink plenty of water; vomiting can cause severe dehydration.  If even water seems to upset your stomach, drink anything that will hydrate you.  A good idea is to freeze juice in ice cube trays so that you can have those to suck on as well.

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Sometimes, curling up on the couch or in your bed is the best way to beat the morning sickness blah.  You'll also need to rest, as you'll want to be well-rested when baby arrives.  It has also been thought that lack of sleep can actually help to trigger morning sickness. 

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Beverage Timing

Don't drink your beverages during your meals.  Instead, drink between meals.  This will keep your stomach from getting too full and bulky.   

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Liquid Diet

Morning sickness can be made worse from different foods.  If you're finding that this is the case with you, try a simple liquid diet. This can be much easier on your stomach than solid foods. You can then get all of your necessary nutrients from other liquids, juices and bouillon.  Be sure that you speak with your obstetrician before beginning a liquid diet.  It's important that baby gets all of their nutrients. 

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Bland Food

Avoid spicy foods.  Eating bland food may be one of the easiest cures for morning sickness. 

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Complex Carbs

Carbs are fine for you to eat; just make sure that you're eating complex carbs.  These include potatoes,   whole grain bread and pasta.  Starchy food is easy for the body to digest and tend to have a soothing effect on the body. 

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Knowing Which Scents

Try not to actively sniff or smell food.  Because some odors can trigger your nausea, try to learn and remember which scents these are so that you will be sure to stay away from them.

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Exercise is a great home remedy for morning sickness.  Sometimes taking a long walk can help with the symptoms and calm your stomach.  Be sure that you check with your doctor before starting an exercise program.

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Tooth Brushing

Something that we don't always think about is our tooth enamel.  Be sure that you brush your teeth immediately after getting sick.  If you can't brush your teeth, then at least try to rinse your mouth well with water.  This is easy to do and will help keep the harsh acids away from your teeth.

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Natural Ice Lollypop

I tried everything when I had morning sickness.  Finally, I found that a natural ice lollypop called a lillipop was the only thing that worked.  This really helped to get rid of my morning sickness!

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Lemon Juice and Mustard

Eat some mustard or drink a little bit of lemon juice.  Both of these items are great ways to naturally get rid of your nausea. 

* * *

Room Temperature Soda

While this may sound strange, one of the best things you can do is to drink room temperature Sprite or 7Up.  While this sounds strange, the warmer soda actually soothed my stomach and kept me from getting sick.  I would also keep a box of crackers on my nightstand so that I would be able to eat something before getting out of bed in the morning.

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Tonic Water and Lemon Juice

Tonic water mixed with lemon juice is an excellent natural remedy for morning sickness. 

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Lemon Slice

Whenever I didn't have lemon juice handy, I found that sucking on a slice of lemon in the morning would really help with my upset stomach. 

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Fruit Blend Drink

This home remedy for morning sickness has been passed down in my family for generations.  In a blender, we combine grapes, one pineapple, eight peaches, three oranges, and two kiwis.  I also add one cup of vanilla ice cream to the blender.    

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Homemade Juice Recipe

Mix together half of a teaspoon of ginger juice, a tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of mint juice and a teaspoon of fresh lime juice.  This should be consumed whenever you start feeling ill and throughout the day.  Good luck!

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