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Morning Sickness Home Remedies & Natural Treatments


Catnip and Cayenne

A simple way to get rid of your morning nausea is to mix catnip with some cayenne pepper. 

* * *

Tea with Peach Leaf, Ginger and Alfalfa

You can have fast, immediate relief from your sick stomach if you make this.  Mix red raspberry or mint tea with peach leaf, ginger and alfalfa.   

* * *

Amla Juice and Nutmeg

To relieve yourself from feeling nauseated in the morning, try mixing one eighth of a teaspoon of nutmeg powder with a tablespoon of fresh amla juice.  Drink this mixture three times a day and you'll soon see a big improvement.

* * *

* * *

Sugar, Mint Juice and Lime Juice

My favorite natural remedy for morning sickness is to take a tablespoon of sugar with a teaspoon of mint juice and a teaspoon of lime juice every day.  Do this three times a day and your sickness will be gone. 

* * *

Curry Leaves, Lime Juice and Sugar

Make your own concoction of fifteen to twenty curry leaves with a teaspoon of sugar and two teaspoons of lime juice. Drink this mixture every morning.

* * *

Calcium, Vitamin B6 and B Complex

If you're suffering from morning sickness, you may be short on vitamins.  If this is the case, then try to supplement your daily nutritional intake of calcium, B6 and B-complex. 

* * *

Oil Mixture

Mix equal parts of peppermint oil, fennel oil and ginger oil (a few drops is enough), then add this to one ounce of carrier oil.  Massage this oil mixture onto the skin on your stomach and it will quickly be absorbed.

* * *

Lavender Bath

Morning sickness can really stress you out, and this isn't good for you or your baby.  Relax with a warm bath.  Make it especially relaxing by adding a few drops of lavender oil. 

* * *

Wild Yam Root

Eat about one half to one full teaspoon of wild yam root daily. 

* * *

Colchicum as Ayurvedic Treatment

When the illness is more severe after smelling or cooking food try colchicum.  This type of morning nausea can be present even at the mere thought of food.  Colchicum is also beneficial if the woman also feels ill from the slightest sudden movement. 

* * *


Constant and persistent nausea can be treated well with the ayurvedic treatment called ipecacuanha.  This woman's nausea isn't healed when she vomits and can be more severe when she tries to lie down. 

* * *

Nux Vomica

If you find that your nausea is more prevalent after eating and in the morning, you should try taking nux vomica.  This homeopathic treatment is especially helpful if you find that your stomach is sensitive to pressure.  You can also combine this treatment with ipecacuanha in alteration. 

* * *

Lacticum Acidum

Tobacco smoke can really be a big trigger for some women.  If this is your case, you might also find that your condition is improved after eating.  This type of morning sickness tends to not cause any appetite changes, however, those few women that do have appetite changes with this type of morning sickness tend to eat more.  If these symptoms seem to be descriptive of your situation, take advantage of lacticum acidum as a wonderful homeopathic treatment. 
* * *


Sepia is the best morning sickness home remedy for women that have terrible nausea in the morning.  Women that benefit from sepia tend to crave sour foods and can be especially sensitive to odors.  These women may also at times regret their pregnancy or suffer from bouts of depression.  If these are the symptoms you are experiencing, you should try sepia as an ayurvedic treatment. 

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