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Mouth Sores Home Remedies & Natural Cures


Wild Harvested Honey

When living in Indonesia, I suffered from terrible mouth sores.  These sores were actually so awful and painful, I was unable to eat.  Fortunately, someone pointed me to the great natural remedy of wild harvested honey.  I tried applying this directly to the sores, and within three days, my mouth sores were completely cured. 

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Scenar Device

Use a Scenar electro-stimulation device to relieve pain, infection and promote health and healing. Developed in Russia and tested on 18,000 persons in clinical trials. Very effective. Go here to read more about this.

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L-Lysine Supplement

L-lysine supplements are great for treating a myriad of ailments, and mouth sores are one of them.  Simply take one daily if you are prone to chronic outbreaks of mouth sores, and allow this natural remedy to work wonders for you.  Increase your intake to three to five tablets a day during an outbreak of mouth sores.  It is especially important to take the tablets after meals. 

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Baking Soda Mouthwash

You may also want to try dissolving one tablespoon of baking soda in eight ounces of water.  This of course isn't the best tasting mouthwash, but it works very well to naturally treat your mouth ulcers.  This home remedy is great because the baking soda helps to alleviate the acidity in the mouth and balances the pH level in your mouth, and this allows the healing to begin. 

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Silver Nitrate Stick

While this natural remedy is incredibly painful, this is a surefire way to treat your mouth sores and cauterize the wound.  Use a silver nitrate stick and apply it directly to the sore.  You can purchase the sticks at a veterinarian's office, health food store, or online for a bulk discounted price.  This really burns and is very painful, but will provide immediate relief and will allow your mouth sore to heal quickly.  Good luck!

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Apply a small bit of salt directly on the mouth sore.  This can make the sore sting for a short while, but the stinging will quickly go away.  It is also important that you allow the salt to stay on the sore and do not lick it away.  Do this for approximately three days and the sores should be gone quickly. 

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Icing Sugar

Icing sugar not only tastes great, but it's a simple method that always works well for me.  Not only does the sugar taste great, but I never feel any pain when I apply this directly to the sore.  Be sure to dry the sore first, then apply the icing sugar and repeat as often as necessary. 

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Liquid Myrrh Extract

Liquid myrrh extract was recommended to me by a professional at my local health food store.  I had some bothersome painful places in my mouth that would not heal.  Finally, I tried using the liquid myrrh extract and was amazed by how quickly the sores healed! To use this mouth ulcer home remedy, simply put about fifteen drops of the extract in a quarter cup of water and swish it around in your mouth.  You can quickly see results of you apply the extract directly onto the spot before going to bed. 

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