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Muscle Cramps Natural Home Remedies


Listen To Your Body

When you are exercising, be sure that you don't exercise beyond your ability.  You may believe that your workout is only beneficial if you are burning lots of calories and working really hard, however, you can really cause muscle cramps and strains if you work out too hard.  Instead, listen to your body.  This is one of the best home remedies for muscle cramps. 

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If you are getting cramps and spasms there is a good chance that you are dehydrated to some degree.  Try drinking more water.

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Here are two great stretches for getting rid of muscle cramps.  Stretching is a perfect home remedy for treating muscle cramps, and it's something that you can do anywhere.  If your muscle cramp is in your calf muscle, stretch with your toe facing upward, toward your head or the ceiling.  You should hold the stretching position for about thirty seconds.  If you find that your cramp is in the front of your thigh area, pull the foot from your affected side toward your butt muscles and hold this position for thirty seconds.

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Believe it or not, your diet plays a big role in your muscles, their function, and how often they cramp up.  A great natural remedy for muscle cramps is to eat a high calcium diet. You will do better getting calcium from plant foods and fortunately it is abundant in plants.  Most of us don’t eat enough plant foods and so we can be deficient.  Dairy is a poor source of calcium because of all the other negative effects.  You should increase potassium as well with bananas and potatoes.  If you need help with a balanced diet plan, be sure to speak with a health care provider. 

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Chamomile Tea and Honey

A great natural remedy for muscle cramps is to drink lots of chamomile tea.  This is helpful because it contains an amino acid called glycine that relaxes the muscles.  You should try to drink about 1.2 liters or five cups of chamomile tea every day for about two weeks to relieve muscle cramps.  If you are cramping mainly in your legs and feet, try increasing your intake of honey.  Try to eat about ten milliliters or two teaspoons of honey with your meals. 

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While this sounds strange, a great home remedy for leg cramps (especially those painful charlie horses in your calves) is to put a bar of soap (I've used motel soap between the bottom fitted sheet and the mattress.  Sounds weird, but it works wonders!

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