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Nail Biting Natural Home Remedies & Cures



Awareness as Natural Remedy

A really good natural home remedy to get rid of the habit of nail biting is to keep a daily log. Keeping a log will increase your awareness by jotting down the times that nail biting occurs. You'll want to know how often, where, when and with whom. Your primary goal is to become more aware of all the circumstances in which you are more likely to indulge the habit. Then you will be able to consciously direct yourself to not bite your nails in these circumstances.


Be Proud

When the condition of your nails has improved, you should show them off. You can wear jewelry and rings and avoid being self-conscious about displaying your hands. Be ready to put your hands on top of the table or desk rather than keeping them hidden below. Once the nail biting habit is gone you should feel good about extending your fingers rather than keeping them cupped. If your hands and fingers receive compliments, that will be a motivating incentive to continue avoiding the habit.


Hold on As a Natural Cure

It is just common sense that if your hands are involved in other things you won't be able to bite your nails. If you recognize the urge to bite arising in you, you should do something right away to otherwise occupy your hands. If you're driving in the car put your hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel. If you are reading grip the book in both hands. If you are attending a meeting then you can gently hold onto your knees. Doing these things for only a few minutes will cause the urge to dissolve.


Bad Tasting Fingers

A great home remedy for nail biting is to put lemon juice or hot pepper on your fingers. You can use any non-toxic foul tasting substance to keep you from putting your fingers in your mouth. Be sure not to put your fingers in your eyes.



Whenever possible put on a pair of gloves. Get a few pair of cheap cotton gardening gloves and leave them around in your house and your car. This is an excellent natural home remedy for nail biting and it always works.


Use Oil

Massage or soak your nails in vitamin E oil, olive oil, baby oil or a mild dish detergent a minimum of two times daily to restore missing moisture, prevent cracking and chipping and stimulate growth. In addition, apply a moisturizing hand lotion several times throughout the day to keep the skin near the nails attractive and healthy.


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