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Nail Fungus Natural Home Remedies & Home Cures



Vinegar & Listerine

I suffered from toenail fungus for over 10 years. Several years back I went to the doctor and he wanted me to take Penlac but it was about $150 and my insurance wouldn't cover it. So my doc suggested that I take an antifungal pill but I was quite concerned about liver damage and failing kidneys (read about it). So a few weeks back I was looking for information on nail fungus, what causes it and what home remedies I could use to get rid of it. I started off just using white vinegar and water and then graduated to hydrogen peroxide and apple cider vinegar. I can tell you that so far it appears to be working quite well.


Bag Balm

There is a product called bag balm which is used on the udders of cows and you can buy it at a feed store and many drugstores. I used it for my nail fungus and I started to see a change after only a few days. There are many uses for this stuff.


Vick's, Bleach and Tea Tree Oil

For about eight years my toenail fungus caused me a lot of physical and emotional suffering. When the problem first appeared I didn't pay much attention to it and ignored it but this was a big mistake. I tried Nail-Rx for three months and for the hundred dollars I spent I got very poor results and I was discouraged. Two weeks after running out of the stuff my nail fungus was gaining ground and now my left index finger was also getting infected. That was all I could take! I started doing a lot of research to find something that was more effective and not so costly. This is what I did. Half the battle is making your nails shorter and thinner so trim and file them as best you can. Wash your toes in the morning shower with antibacterial soap. Dry your toes with a hair dryer or a fresh clean towel. Lather on a good amount of Vicks vapor rub and cover this with a Band-Aid. The vapor rub will keep moisture from seeping under the nail and at the same time and it will kill the fungus. When you arrive home from working remove your socks and shoes and wash your feet again in the same way. Put on tea tree oil with a Q-tip and stay barefooted as long as possible to allow it to dry and soak in. If you don't have tea tree oil or can't afford it then mix water and bleach in equal proportions and put that on with the Q-tip and on the nail only. Let it dry. Before going to bed repeat steps and wear clean socks to bed. After a few weeks of doing this my fungus is about half gone. It takes some patience to do this but it is a real cure.


Compound W

I fought my nail fungus for years. When I researched old nail fungus remedies I found that one remedy was to remove the nail. So I got some Compound W which works really well to dissolve the nail. After some time I switched to Dr. Scholl's callus remover because it is easier to use. My nails are small so it took a couple of weeks for the nails to be completely gone and after that I continued with the callus remover for about another 30 days to dissolve any nail that tried to grow. You will want to keep any loose area trimmed off and keep at treating the new exposed nail.  Now 4 out of 7 nails are perfect. I had to do the big toes twice because there was too much thickness the first time they grew out. I was in too much of a hurry to see the results. Now I'm finishing the last three nails with a third process and so far they're looking good. Every day the new nails are treated with tea tree oil and I will keep doing this for about six months to be certain the fungus is gone. Plus it will take at least six months for the big toenail to grow out totally. It's important to keep the nail closely trimmed.


Aloe Vera Remedy

It is totally by accident that I came across this simple and also healthy method to get rid of toenail fungus plus it has other health benefits. The secret is drinking aloe vera. I purchase the plant leaves and use these three times each week. I mix it with some apple juice to make it taste better. I started doing this for other health benefits but I was amazed at how good my toenails began to look after a few weeks.


The Nail House

I have found a way to get rid of my fungus so easily. Here is what you will need.
1.  An herbal nail application that absorbs into the nail like they use at salons. I used The Nail House which has tea tree oil and lavender oil which are both antifungal plus the anti-septic thymol.
2.  Any antifungal medication in a liquid form such as Mycospor by Bayer.
3.  A thin gauge injection needle (you can order these online from any Canadian pharmacy without a prescription).
Combine a small quantity of antifungal medication into the herbal nail application. Take the syringe and pull up some of the mixture, about 1 mL, and inject this right under the toenail as far as you can go without causing pain. You will be able to do this because some of the toenail has separated from the nail bed. Be sure to keep your toes as clean as possible and do this as frequently as you can - at least every couple of days after bathing. This is a very effective natural home remedy for treating nail fungus.


Epsom Salt and Vinegar Nail Fungus Home Remedy

For over 20 years I have been doing battle with toenail fungus and I have done just about everything except for prescription pills which damage the liver. Then to add insult to injury I recently came down with athlete’s foot and so I got serious about researching some solution to both problems. I am happy to say I found what I was looking for! I bought a couple of gallons of apple cider vinegar in a couple of boxes of Epsom salt. I mix together 3 cups of hot water, one cup of apple cider vinegar and 1/2 cup of Epsom salt and I soak my feet in this an hour each day. Within 10 days the athlete’s foot was gone and my toenails were incredibly better. Now after three months of this my toenails are 90% clear and I anticipate that they will be totally cured in another month. It sounds like a hassle to do this but if you just weave it into your daily routine like when you are watching television or on your computer the soak becomes a pleasure as well as a very effective natural home remedy for nail fungus.


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