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Nail Infection Home Remedies & Natural Cures




If you have a red puss filled area around your nail or cuticle, get a sterile needle and puncture it. Then squeeze the pus out of it being careful not to spread the ejected matter. You may have to do this more than once but you will get quick results. After lancing the infected area, apply an antibiotic ointment. Doing this can be a little painful but it's worth it.


Lance It

Lance the swollen red area on your finger and then squeeze out the pus to get rid of your pain. Soak your finger in water that is as hot as you can take it several times a day. This is one of the best natural home remedies for a nail infection.


Tender Hangnail Antibiotic

There have been times when I have had a hang-nail that is very tender and swollen. Also my daughter likes to chew on her nails and this has produced an infection in the past. Currently I am putting an antibiotic ointment on my daughter's finger and it appears to be working.


Hot Pack as Remedy

Get a washcloth and saturate it with water then wring it out to the point that it does not drip. Put it in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds. Fold washcloth up and apply it to the infected area. Hold it here until it seems that the heat is gone then unfold the washcloth and re-fold in a different direction and you will have more hot to put on the area. You can do this several times until the entire washcloth becomes cool at which time you reheat it in the oven. Do this for about 15 minutes each session several times a day.


Epsom Salts

Heat up 2 cups of water on the stove then add two or three heaping tablespoons of Epsom salts and a tablespoon of regular table salt. Soak your finger or toe in this several times a day.


Listerine Home Remedy for Infected Nail

Soaking in Listerine is excellent if you have an infected fingernail or toenail. The antibiotic properties of the mouthwash will take care of the infection.


Apple Cider Vinegar and Lavender Oil

If you have an infected nail or surrounding cuticle skin, one of the best natural home remedies is to soak in warm apple cider vinegar and Lavender oil.


Turmeric Paste

A very powerful and ancient remedy for treating topical infections is to make a paste from turmeric powder and apply it to the affected area. You will get very good results doing this and it is a great home remedy for a nail infection.


Garlic and Onion Poultice

Mash up equal quantities of garlic and onion and apply this is a poultice to the area that is infected. To hold the poultice in place you can wrap it with some tissue and then put tape around or use a large Band-Aid. It is well known that garlic is as effective an antibiotic as any ointment you can buy at the drugstore and it is one of the top five herbal remedies worldwide.


Tea Tree Oil Natural Home Remedy for Nail Infections

Put tea tree oil on the affected area several times each day to get rid of an infection on or around your fingernail or toenail. Tea tree oil is a very effective antibiotic with strong anti-fungal properties and is an excellent home remedy for a nail infection.


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