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Nervousness Natural Home Remedies




Hypnosis is extremely relaxing!  Hypnosis was described by Avicenna, an Arab, in his book The Book of Healing in 1027. The people of ancient India often brought their sick to sleep temples so they could be cured by receiving hypnotic suggestion.  This practice was also occurring in ancient Greece and Egypt.  It is a great tool for overcoming nervousness and anxiety.  It teaches us how to truly relax.  Most of us don’t know what deep relaxation feels like.  The deeper we relax, the better we feel and nervousness will become a distant memory.  One can also learn to practice self-hypnosis.

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Spend at least 10 minutes a day in nature or looking at nature.  This will have a calming effect on your whole being.  Try to calm your mind and really become absorbed in the beauty and tranquility of nature.  All of nature is blissful.  This is a very good home remedy for nervousness.

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Stop Caffeine

Cutting back or stopping coffee and other caffeinated drinks (sodas) can greatly reduce any feelings of nervousness.  Caffeine does its job by inhibiting adenosine brain receptors.  This tells the pituitary gland that an emergency is at hand and the adrenal glands respond by releasing cortisol (to deal with the emergency).  This brings up the heart rate and dilates the pupils.  This can cause a feeling of nervousness which becomes chronic due to repeated dosing with caffeine.

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Qi Gong

Here is a good natural remedy for nervousness from Qi Gong in Chinese medicine.  Lie down on your back.  Put your left hand palm down just below the navel.  Put your right hand palm down on your left hand. Now visualize and feel liquid light energy (the Qi) flowing out of your head and down to your navel area also known as the Lake of Qi.  The idea is to get the excess of Qi out of our heads.  This excess is caused by thinking too much and in a stressful way.  It causes too much Qi to reside in the head creating the feeling of nervousness.  You can also have a partner use one of the massage tools with two knobs on it.  Have them run the two knobs down your spine (one knob on either side of the spine) one hundred times.  They should only apply pressure on the down stroke.  This will also pull the excess Qi out of your head.

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Valerian Root Natural Remedy

For centuries, valerian root has been used for its calming effect. Also chamomile is very calming and can be taken as a tea.

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Use a little lavender essential oil on your pillow at night to relieve anxiety and to promote sleep.  Lavender aroma is very calming.

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Often nervousness and anxiety are caused by lack of magnesium.  The USDA stated in a report that 75%  of persons in the USA do not get even the minimum daily requirement of this vital mineral.  Many other minerals depend on magnesium for them to function in the body.  Because of this, magnesium has been called the Cadillac of Minerals.  Try taking a magnesium supplement for a few weeks.  One such supplement comes as a powder under the brand name Calm.  You can buy it in the health food store.

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Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is noted for its calming effect.  Have several cups a day as a home remedy for nervousness.

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Exercise Natural Remedy

Exercise in any form, including walking, will help relieve nervousness.  Try this out just five minutes a day doing any activity and you will see a difference.  This is one of the best natural home remedies for nervousness.

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