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Nosebleeds Natural Home Remedies



Nosebleeds are most common among children and are normally not serious. In adults, nosebleeds are usually something which occurs as the result of a trauma to the nose such as an external blow, environmental irritants, very dry conditions, or infections such as colds or flu. Also a dietary deficiency of vitamin C and/or bioflavonoids can aggravate this condition. In adults, nosebleeds which reoccur may indicate another underlying problem such as a tumor or high blood pressure.

If a nosebleed occurs when there has been a traumatic blow to the head, this may be the result of a skull fracture and one should go to the hospital right away. If there is no risk of a fractured skull then do the following:

Sit down and lean forward. Gently blow all blood clots in blood out of both nostrils. Open the mouth and breathe only through the mouth. With your thumb and index finger apply pinching pressure to the lower portion of the nose for about 10 minutes. Slowly release and check to see if the bleeding has stopped. If the bleeding persists, apply pressure again for another 10minutes. This is normally sufficient to stop most nosebleeds. If bleeding still continues, use gauze to pack the nostril. Then put some crushed ice in a washcloth and hold it against the nose and the surrounding cheek area. Once the ice pack is in place, lie back and avoid any activity for one or two hours. The coldness will slowly blood flow and constrict the blood vessels thus facilitating the process of clotting. In circumstances where the bleeding continues after 20 minutes you may need to have the ruptured blood vessel cauterized by a doctor.

When the bleeding has ended, squeeze some vitamin E and vitamin A into the Palm of one hand and use the index finger of your other hand to apply this oil up into the nostril. Alternatively, you can use aloe vera gel, zinc oxide or calendula ointment.

If one is using a blood thinner such as aspirin or Coumadin, and nosebleeds continue, you will want to notify your physician as he may need to change the dosage of your blood thinner.

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Vitamin K

Normal blood clotting is very dependent upon vitamin K. Insufficient levels of this vitamin may make the occurrence of nosebleeds more frequent and more severe. This vitamin is found in dark green leafy vegetables, watercress, alfalfa and kale.

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Oak Bark Home Remedy for Nose Bleeds

Use finely ground oak bark as a snuff.

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Homeopathic Remedies

Belladona, Chamomilla, Rhus tox., Hyoscyamus and Hamamelis are a few homeopathic home remedies for nosebleed that have been found to be effective.

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Vegetable Juice

To help eliminate nosebleeds make a fresh juice of red beets, carrots, and ginger with a little cayenne pepper added. This is an excellent home remedy for nosebleeds.

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Cold spoon Therapy

Here is a nosebleed home remedy that works really well for me. When my nose begins to bleed, I get a large spoon from the kitchen drawer and shove it down into the ice bucket in the freezer until it really gets cold. This only takes a few minutes. When it is good and cold I rub the spoon all over the lower part of my neck right between my shoulders and also over the seventh vertebrae which is the one that sticks out at the base of your neck. There have only been a few times that I have had to repeat this one or two times. Normally my nosebleed will stop right away or the bleeding will slow dramatically. The first time I tried this it blew my mind that it actually worked! So if you're having a problem with nosebleeds and want a home remedy that works really well give this one a try.

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