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Pain Natural Home Remedies



There are many ways to prevent your body from being in pain, one of which is yoga. Yoga is not just stretching like some people think. It is an exercise that will help with breathing and relaxation. This is important because some aches can be caused by being stressed. It will also help you stretch some muscles that may never get stretched any other way. It is best to choose gentle hatha yoga. There are many forms of yoga and some of them are not gentle and relaxing in fact they are more like acrobatic which can cause injuries if not done properly. I attended a number of yoga classes in 105 degree heat which can be quite dangerous for some people. It is best to choose a mild form of peaceful yoga.



Making a tea out of Echinacea is one the best ways you can treat all body pains. Echinacea is a natural herb that has wonderful healing powers. Take two teaspoons of Echinacea and boil it in sixteen ounces of water. Boil the mixture until half of the original amount is gone and then remove it from the heating source and let cool for five minutes before you drink it. Drinking this twice daily will help increase your blood circulation and help keep you relaxed. So that you will have much less chance of having any sort of pain.




When you are in pain take an ice pack and ice the area in which you feel the pain. Leave the ice pack on there for fifteen to twenty minutes while relaxing. Afterward place a hot water bottle on the same area for other fifteen or twenty minutes. Keep doing this every few hours throughout the rest of the day until you go to bed. This should give you some if not full relief from your pain.  


Apple Cider Vinegar Natural Remedy for Pain

Apple cider vinegar is one great way to restore balance to your body and increase your blood circulation so that your blood can reach all parts of your body including your muscles. By drinking four ounces of this daily you will decrease your chances of having any form of pain in your body.


Ginger Home Remedy for Pain

As soon as you feel any sort of pain come on, start grinding up two teaspoons of ginger root. Then place it in a pan with eight to ten ounces of water. Bring this mixture to a boil, and let it continue to boil for thirty minutes. Let the mixture stand for thirty minutes after you have removed it from the heating source. Then strain it after it has cooled off and add one teaspoon of honey to it and drink up. This will help increase blood flow so that your muscles will get blood to them.  Ginger is also a fantastic remedy for nausea and a stomach ache.


One of the oldest and widely used natural remedies is garlic. Garlic has amazing healing powers and can cure many things such as colds, nausea, and even pain. If you start to feel some pain cut up two or three cloves of garlic and add the garlic to a meal or juice it and this will help get rid of your pain.



Taking your vitamins and minerals daily will help your body tremendously. They can prevent illnesses such as colds and the flu. They can also help your body when you experience frequent pain. The vitamins and minerals contribute to building blocks for your immune system and they give your body important minerals that it can’t normally get from food grown in mineral depleted soils.


Shower Power

A great way to relieve the pain is by taking a shower. The steam and hot water from the shower will help relax your muscles and give you a soothing feeling at the same time. Not only will it help your body but it can improve your mood and relax your thoughts and that way you don’t over stress and make your pain worse. If you don’t feel like hopping in the shower, just turn the shower on hot and close the door. Let the steam from the shower fill the room while you sit in there and relax. This will turn your bathroom into a steam room so that you can avoid the shower but still get the healing benefits of the steam. Keep the water running for twenty five minutes then turn it off, but do not leave the bathroom until all of the steam has disappeared. For this to work properly you will have to be in the bathroom for approximately forty five minutes.


Onion Home Remedy for Pain

Dicing an onion up then grinding it up into a fine powder will make an excellent paste for you to rub on any limb or other body part that may be in pain.


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