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Palpitation Natural Home Remedies


Chamomile Tea

If you’re having a hard time with irregular heartbeats, try drinking chamomile tea every single day. This works especially well if your palpitations are caused by anxiety, nervousness, or stress. You can also take some leaves from a cabbage and shred them up to add to the tea. This has some great therapeutic agents that will help relieve the palpitations even more.



Yoga is a great way to naturally help with the symptoms of palpitations. It teaches you how to breathe properly and fully and it also gives you some good forms of exercise and stretching that will help keep your heart healthy.



Meditation Home Remedy for Palpitaions

If you want to help your palpitations, try incorporating meditation into your daily life style. It will help you breathe properly and clear your mind from anxiety and stress. It’s a fantastic home remedy for helping relieve the symptoms of heart palpitations. You can try taking a class or reading a book to learn about meditation if you’ve never done it before. Basically if you set aside at least ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening before bedtime for meditation you can greatly reduce stress in your body and consequently relax your heart palpitations. It is fairly simple to learn to meditate. I suggest finding a quiet comfortable area in your home and then either sit in an upright chair or on the floor with or without a meditation cushion. I usually use a cushion because it is easier on my back. Once seated with your back upright and straight relax with your legs folded if sitting on the floor with your hands on your lap. Many people turn the palms of their hands up toward the sky. Do what is comfortable for you. Next I would take a few moments to breathe deeply and gently with my breath going in through the nose and out through my mouth. Do this at least three times. Afterward close your eyes and then draw your attention to the third eye or space between your eyebrows. At this point you can say prayers and use a mantra if you wish. Once you are done take this time to relax and quiet your mind. Our mind is so active that sometimes it is quite a challenge to still the mind. Do not lose hope. Meditation is always helpful regardless of the challenges we may face in quieting our minds. Meditate as long as you feel inclined and as often as you wish. Meditation is also known for helping to reduce blood pressure and anxiety.


Starch Based Diet

Most heart issues are linked to our weight and diet, which for most of us our diets are not healthy. Most Americans eat the western diet which consists of a lot of fats, animal products, and processed foods. These foods lead to being overweight and lead to conditions like heart disease. Just by changing what we eat and treating our bodies better we can eliminate many diseases and conditions such as heart palpitations. Dr John McDougall who is an M.D. out of California came up with a better way of eating that is called the McDougall Diet Program. This diet mirrors the diets of countries in Asia and other countries around the world. Their diets are mostly made up of grains, starches, beans, vegetables, and fruits. These people’s diets don’t have much or any animal products, or any processed foods in them. When looking at these people they look young, fit, trim and agile. They also don’t endure as many diseases or conditions like heart disease or diabetes. If you would like more information please visit Dr. McDougall’s website at www dot drmcdougall dot com.


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