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Panic Attack Home Remedies & Natural Treatments




For reducing the severity and frequency of panic attacks, meditation works great.  The idea of meditation is to get the mind to be still.  Do this by fixing the mind on one thing - your breathing.  Thoughts will come and you will forget you were watching your breathing and that's OK just go back to it as soon as you realize it. By doing this you are learning to control your mind. The mind will become much more calm.  Up until now it has just run wild like a classroom full of unruly undisciplined children throwing spit wads and shouting.  Start out meditating for 5 minutes a day when you get up after you do the bathroom thing.  Over time The mind will want to talk you out of doing it.  It will tell you that you are too busy to meditate.  The mind wants to continue to be unruly even though it is causing you so much suffering.  When you get into the “zone” and your mind is so still just floating in space, it feels unbelievably good.  This is what the Bible calls “the peace that surpasses understanding.”  If you can get to that point, you will never want to miss.  But it will take effort to get there. The unruly children won’t behave right away.  They have to be trained.  As you progress your panic attacks will be come fewer and of less severity.  Then your panic attacks will disappear.


Supplements and Diet

For people who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks it’s important to know that there is a correlation with low levels of certain vitamins.  There are many things you can do that will help restore this balance in your body.

First:  Take some magnesium, calcium, and b-complex vitamins as supplementation.

Second:  Regarding diet; eat foods low in sugar and having whole grains.  You want to avoid carbohydrates and refined sugars.

Third:  Avoid having drinks that contain caffeine like tea, coffee, and sodas.

Fourth:  Lastly, you want to avoid drugs and alcohol.  These will sap up the valuable mineral and vitamin supply your body has metabolized.      


Lavender as Natural Home Remedy for Panick Attacks

When you are experiencing panic feelings; lavender essential oil will help provide calmness.  I usually carry some with me in case I need it.  I have it in a small bottle with a cotton ball in a zip lock bag.  Smelling the lavender can kind of program the mind into a calm state.  This is a method of aroma therapy and an excellent home remedy for panick attacks.              


For over two years I experienced anxiety and panic attacks several times daily.  There were many home remedies that helped me.  I want to share a few with you.  When you start feeling a panic attack coming on, do something of interest like doing a crossword puzzle or playing a hand held game.  Even if it is hard to concentrate, you must try.  If you are an adult and have a prescription for valium; take five milligrams when you start to feel the panic coming on.  Also, you can take a cold rag and apply it to your neck.  Also drink lots of fluids.  If you experience an upset stomach; an over the counter motion sickness medicine called Bonine works great.  You can get this at Walmart or Walgreens.  Sometimes when you are having a panic attack, you can feel insecure or paranoid.  If this happens you can turn on the television and find a happy show.  Some times a bath would help me.  Different approaches would help me relative to the degree of my attack.  I hope one of these suggestions provide help for you.  Watch for my name as I may think of other remedies for panic attacks and anxiety.  I wish you lots of luck! 


Breathing Technique Natural Treatment for Panick Attack

I was a sufferer of GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) for many years.  Something that worked best for me was to lie down and start diaphragm/belly breathing.  The procedure for this type of breathing involves:  inhaling through the nose and at the same time gently pushing your tummy out, then slowly exhale through the nose bring the tummy back in.  Just doing this will lower your heart rate and help you feel more in control.  Warning:  If you should start to feel the slightest bit dizzy, then stop and breathe normally and repeat the attempt until you feel calmer.  Please remember that you are not crazy, dying, or are going to hurt someone; it will pass.


Tea and Almond Oil

A home remedy for panic attacks is to make a cup of tea without sugar or anything added to it.  Next, take a small amount of almond oil and with the tip of your fingers rub this on your temples.  Close your eyes and relax and allow your mind to become thoughtless.  After you start to feel calmer, drink all of the tea.  My own preference is green tea; it doesn’t taste great but will make you feel calmer. 



Homeopathic medicine can really help to treat panic attacks.  Take Ignatia – 1M twice daily one half hour before eating in the morning and evening.  Do this for at least three months.  Depending on the condition of the person, dosage can be changed.  There will be a noticeable change within three days.  This is a homeopathic medicine that will work for a sufferer of panic attacks regardless of the duration of symptoms. Note:  If following three days of treatment the person feels irritation or other problems; immediately stop taking the medicine.  This would be a good time to consult a good Homeopath.  Also know that you are taking this medicine at your own risk.      



I’ve been taking niacinamide (not niacin) for about a week with some good results.  You can take between 500mg to 2000mg daily.  This is not a sedative but the results are similar to valium or similar drugs without the side effects.  A lot of people even claim that it works better than prescription drugs.  For a bottle of one hundred 500mg caplets it cost about $6.00.  You need to be patient because it may take a few weeks before it starts to take effect.


Magnesium Home Remedy

Magnesium supplements have a calming affect for me.  I take it as I would take valium or something similar.  My anxiety attacks have virtually been cured by taking Magnesium Glycinate capsules in divided doses.  If you search the internet you will find lots of information.  However, I’ve discovered that serum magnesium tests aren’t always accurate. This is one of the best natural home remedies for panic attacks.


Talk to the Mind

I have found a home remedy that is easy, simple and quick.  When you’re experiencing a panic attack just remind yourself that while you are having a panic attack; things will be fine.  Just take a big breath and pray.  Say, dear God above even though I’m really scared; I know you are up above watching and taking good care of me.  Next, take a relaxing warm bath and/or put on some soft and soothing music.  Perhaps read a book to take your mind of what is causing you to be frightened.  Always know that you will be okay.



If you start to experience breathlessness, start drinking water right away.  Usually try to drink one to two glasses straight down.  I have actually read that a side effect of dehydration is hyperventilation.  This would help explain why water is so helpful.  Taking this home remedy for panic attack has never failed me! 


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