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Parasite Home Remedies & Natural Cures



When you have internal bugs and you want to get rid of them quickly without suffering from any side effects I suggest using squash seeds. Bring one cup of water to a boil, while the water is heating crack open some squash and extract 2 ounces of seeds. Then once your water starts to boil add in the seeds and continue boiling for fifteen minutes. Pour the mixture into a thermos and let it sit for two hours. Then pour out four ounce (half of a cup) of the mixture into a glass and strain out the seed that fall into the glass. Drink the mixture three times a day in between meals.



Grate up one medium sized yellow onion into shreds and place the onion shreds in eight ounces of hot water that has been heated to about one hundred and eighty degrees. Let the onion sit in the water over night or at least for twelve hours straight. When ready drink half of the mixture strained. Do this remedy for four days to flush out the parasites.




Parasites are horrible to have and can cause you some serious health problems. Garlic has been used for many years and is proven to be very good for fighting off parasites. Prepare 10 ounces by weight of garlic diced, and then combine the garlic with 10 fluid ounces of vodka. Let the mixture sit for seven to eight days in a dark cool place. Once the mixture is ready pour yourself a four ounce glass of almond milk and add one drop of mixture to your almond milk. Then before lunch pour another four ounce glass of almond milk and add two drops of the mixture. Drink this mixture before every meal and keep adding the amount of drops to the each mixture until you reach twenty four drops. After you have reached twenty four drops drink another glass with the twenty four drops then start reducing amount of drops until you go back down to one. The morning after you have reached one drop add twenty four drops to your almond milk, do this three times a day for the next three days until the mixture is completely gone. Make sure to store the mixture in the same dark cool place.


Garlic Juice

Taking ten drops of garlic juice and adding it to almond milk three times a day for a week is one great way to flush your body of parasitic organisms.


Childs Home Remedy for Parasites

When your children have parasites it can be as scary for you as it is for them. You want the best for your children and don’t want to cause them any harm. So you need to find the best way to fight the parasites off without causing any harm. This method was designed for children so that they do not suffer while being treated for parasites. You want to shred one carrot first, then squeeze the juice into a cup and add one teaspoon of honey to it. Give one serving of this mixture to your child when they get up in the morning before they eat anything. Then repeat this again at night before they go to bed. Keep doing this remedy for one full month in order to cleanse the whole body.


Aloe Vera

A great way to cleanse your body of unwanted bugs is to drink one eight ounce glass of aloe vera juice for one solid week. This is one natural remedy that has been used and proven to work for eliminating all parasites.


Cranberry Home Remedy for Parasites

Cranberries have been used to treat many illnesses. Cranberries contain enzymes that have anti-parasitic properties that can make your body a hostile environment for parasites and will get rid of them quickly. Drink four eight ounce glasses of cranberry juice for one month and you will be parasite free. Make sure to buy pure cranberry juice do not buy any juices that contain sugars or any additives like Ocean Spray. It is also best if you buy organic that way you don’t consume any chemicals that will counterproductive to using this remedy.


Bitter Melon

To eliminate parasites fry ten bitter melon seeds in a little ghee. Once the seeds have been fried eat all the seeds. Repeat this remedy for three to four days. This is a helpful home remedy parasites without experiencing unnecessary side effects of using pharmaceutical drugs.


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