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Peptic Ulcer Natural Home Remedies


Cabbage Juice

Cabbage juice has been proven to be one of the best home remedies for curing peptic ulcers. This remedy will take ten straight days to work. Every day for the next ten days split one quart of cabbage juice into four drinks and drink them throughout the day, one after you get up, one before lunch, one before dinner and one before you go to bed. By the end of the ten days you should feel much relief.


No Caffeine

When you have a peptic ulcer that means you are having issues with your stomach lining and this can be painful for you. A way to avoid irritating your ulcer is to stay away from products like coffee or soda because they can irritate your ulcer even more than it already is. Eliminating caffeine and sugar based soda from your diet can have a very positive impact on your stomach.




Avoiding issues with a peptic ulcer can be hard to do, but one thing you can do is not drink alcohol or smoke tobacco. These two things can cause your ulcer to act up when you consume them and make your life miserable. Alcohol is very hard on your body especially your stomach and liver. You will feel so much better once you quit drinking alcohol.


Baby Rice

Using organic baby food and brown rice water is a great way to sooth your peptic ulcer and to get rid of it. For ten straight days eat three servings of organic baby food then follow it with two eight ounces of brown rice water after every serving. This will keep your ulcer from irritating you while it gives your body a chance to heal.


Eliminate Dairy

Cutting dairy out of your diet when you have a peptic ulcer is a good idea because dairy can cause you major discomfort. Most health authorities recommend completely eliminating dairy from your diet because it is so bad for you. By eliminating dairy from your diet you will find yourself losing weight, relief of pain and overall better health. Almond milk is an excellent healthy alternative to dairy.



While you are trying to heal yourself of your peptic ulcer try avoiding spicy or hot foods. I know this may be hard for some people but you have to let your body heal. It might be a good idea to keep spicy foods out of your diet or at least to a minimum for a few months after the ulcer is gone so that your stomach can completely heal.


Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals help our body heal. Two vitamins in particular are very helpful in healing ulcers and they are vitamins A and E. I suggest taking five thousand IU of vitamin A four times a day for six months because this will help your body heal the ulcer. While you’re working on the ulcer with vitamin A you can take vitamin E to help strengthen and repair your stomach lining. After doing this vitamin regimen for six months continue taking lower dosages of vitamin A and keep on with the same dosage of vitamin E to keep your stomach healthy and to keep ulcers from coming back. 


Banana as Peptic Ulcer Home Remedy

Eating a banana daily for a few months will help soothe your ulcer. Bananas will also help your body heal by supplying nutrients needed to heal your stomach lining. Bananas are very easy on your stomach and very tasty.


Small Meals

Eating smaller more frequent meals throughout the day will really help ease peptic ulcer symptoms. This is one of the best home remedies for a peptic ulcer. Eating big meals is one of the main causes for an irritated ulcer. Consuming small meals will also help your body heal the ulcer because your stomach won’t have to digest so much at one single time. Eating smaller meals can help your stomach digest food more easily and allow your stomach a chance to recuperate from each meal. 


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