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Irregular Periods Natural Home Remedies



Carrot and Beet

Drinking one glass of carrot and beet juice every day is one way a woman can use home remedies for irregular periods. Carrots and beets have anti-oxidants that can help the body rebalance itself without any harmful side effects. Once you have juiced for a month you should start seeing results. Keep going with the juices for a few more months so that you can completely heal. I make a juice that is a combination of beet and carrot and sometimes I add kale and apple.



Grapes are one of the best fruits because they have amazing healing powers. Grapes can heal a lot of illnesses and one of the illnesses that they can help cure is irregular periods. Grapes have anti-oxidants which are very powerful at helping the body regulate itself so that it can function properly. Eating one cup of grapes a day for three or four months will help you have regular period cycles. If you don’t want to eat grapes you can always drink grape juice to have the same effects. Make sure that the grape juice is pure organic grape juice with no sugar or additives.




Figs are great for helping a woman maintain monthly regularity. A fig is full of great nutrients for the human body. When you get up in the morning boil eight ounces of water with one fig root for fifteen minutes. Let the mixture cool off before you drink it and you will start to see improvements with your period cycle within a month. Make sure to continue on past the month so that you can fully regulate your cycles, in fact this remedy should be done for three full months.


Aloe Vera

Two tablespoons of aloe vera daily for the next two to four months will help you make your irregular periods more regular. You can purchase aloe vera juice at your local health food store. It is usually very mild in taste and also is very good for your digestive system.



Eating one green un-ripened papaya daily is the best option for most women who suffer from irregular periods. Papaya has many anti-oxidants and ant-inflammatory properties that is beneficial to a woman’s reproductive system and can help make her monthly cycle more regular. This remedy is a great alternative option for helping to regulate your period but it needs to be done for two straight months so that it can fully help you.


Parsley Juice

Parsley is wonderful for helping a woman have consistent monthly menses. Drinking one glass of parsley juice mixed in with carrot juice daily for three months should help period irregularity.


Parsley Tea

Boiling two teaspoons of parsley leaves in with eight ounces of water makes for a great tea that can do wonders for your monthly cycle. After you have boiled the tea for five minutes remove it from the heating source and let it sit for thirty minutes. After the thirty minutes are up strain the tea so there is leaves left in the tea then drink it. I also juice vegetables daily and I add fresh parsley to my juice mix.


Bamboo Leaves

To make yourself stop having irregular periods try using bamboo leaves. Bamboo leaves have been prescribed by holistic healers for many years as way to regulate a healthy cycle. Boil two bamboo leaves in twenty ounces of water for ten minutes then remove it from the stove and let it cool off for a half hour. Then drink the juice throughout the day. Do this every day for a month and you will notice positive results.


Ginger Root

Ginger root sliced up into thin slices then boiled in water makes a great remedy for irregular periods. Just slice up two ginger roots and place them into twelve ounces of water and bring it to a boil. Let it boil for a good five minutes before taking it off the stove to cool down. Once the mixture has been sitting for twenty minutes, strain it before drinking it. If done daily for the next month you will be able to have regular periods again.



Yoga is a great form of exercise that can be good for the body. Yoga can help center yourself and relax so that you focus your energy on other things in your body. It can also help increase blood flow and help rebalance your hormones so that you can have regular periods.



An easy home remedy that you can use for irregular periods is fenugreek. This herb is great for balancing your hormones so that your body can function smoothly. You can add fenugreek roots to a salad or rice dish.  


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