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Urinary Tract Infection Natural Home Remedies & Cures



Baking Soda

Urinary tract infections are very painful, but you can try this great natural home remedy for them.  Simply mix eight ounces of water with about a half teaspoon of baking soda.  Drink this combination until your symptoms subside.  You'll find that the baking soda will actually correct the acid imbalance in the acidic urine.  This is one of my favorite natural home cures for a urinary tract infection. 

* * *

Water and Juice

Urinary tract infections are made worse when there isn't a good flow of urine.  You can improve this by increasing your intake of water.  Not only does it aid with flushing out unwanted substances, but is also cleans the body from the inside out.  Other wonderful home remedies for urinary tract infections include an increased intake of vegetable and fruit juices.  Fruits and vegetables help to provide your body with the minerals and vitamins it needs to help stave off infection. 

* * *

Cranberry Juice

One of my favorite and most effective natural home remedies for a urinary tract infection is cranberry juice.  This wonderful natural juice keeps bacteria from clinging to cells and the walls of the urethrae, which is what lines the urinary tract.  If you cannot tolerate cranberry juice directly, then mix it with apple juice to dilute the bitter taste. 

* * *

Essential Oils

Urinary tract infections can be naturally cured using this excellent natural home cure remedy.  I like to mix my own essential oil mix to rub on the bladder area.  To make the compound, I mix juniper with frankincense, tea tree oil, bergamot and sandalwood in equal parts.  I will massage this wonderful natural mixture over the bladder area for about three to four days or until my symptoms have subsided. 

* * *

Timely Urination as Urinary Tract Infection Home Remedy

A good home remedy to prevent a urinary tract infection you should always urinate right after having sexual intercourse.

* * *

Tea & Supplements

I've been suffering from awful urinary tract infections for years.  The doctors told me that I'm not drinking enough water, but I've been drinking plenty of water, so I know that isn't the cause of it.  Regardless, I began using this great urinary tract infection natural home remedy to clear my symptoms and infection up.  I simply make a tea with muti-vitamins, potassium supplements, 100 milligrams of magnesium and cranberry veggie caps.  I also try to drink lots and lots of water, and use honey instead of sugar.  Keeping to a vegetarian diet is also extremely helpful.  Organic fruits and vegetables should also be consumed. 

* * *

I have found that drinking cranberry juice (preferably pure cranberry juice)  at least 4 to 5 times a day for a week will really help relieve the symptoms of the urinary tract infection. Cranberry juice is also a great juice to drink to prevent urinary tract infections.

* * *

One trick to prevent urinary tract infections is to go to the bathroom regularly. Do not hold urine in your bladder.

* * *

Alka Seltzer

I heard about a home remedy for urinary tract infections that used Alka Seltzer (the dissolving tablets). Follow the instructions as recommended on the package when you get the first symptoms of a urinary tract infection. I used this remedy and it really worked. I never had to visit the doctor and the symptoms disappeared after the first day.


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