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Vaginal Odor Home Remedies & Natural Cures



Salt & Vinegar

To rid yourself of vaginal odor, especially after your period take 1/2 cup of salt and 1/2 cup of white vinegar and place in a bath. Be sure that the water as hot as can be and that the water level is at least to your thighs while you are sitting in the bath. Sit in the bath until the bath cools down and at that point your ph level should be in balance and the odor should be gone.


Shampoo Home Remedy for Vaginal Odor

As a home remedy for vaginal odor I use a special shampoo like Head & Shoulders or a generic or moisturizing Hair Moose.  These cleansers help to clean the bacteria left from menstruation. Cleaning your genitals thoroughly on a daily basis will help to relieve vaginal odor.


Hydrogen Peroxide

I use a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide to one cup of water in a douche bag to clear my vaginal odor. It safely cleans out bacteria and is very cost effective! T his is a great natural remedy for vaginal odor!


No Douche & 100% Cotton Underwear

I started to have this unpleasant odor develop after I had sex with my husband. It really bothered me a lot because I lost that sexy feeling and was self conscious. Then I tried something that really helped. I got rid of all my underwear that was not 100 percent cotton. I also stopped douching. I then started to use a clove of garlic inserted in my vagina once a week (take out in morning), and abstain from sleeping with underwear too. I also started taking hot baths that I added vinegar to. I drank a lot of lemon water to help cleanse my body too. Try the garlic clove for about an hour first before leaving it in all night.  This is to be sure you don’t have a reaction to it.


Balsamic Vinegar Natural Home Remedy for Vaginal Odor

Take  balsamic vinegar  mixed with honey and add about a teaspoon of whisky. Warm up for about one  minute.  Apply for 15 min then rinse off.  This sounds strange, but my grandmother told me about this when I had this trouble and it really worked.


Hygene Home Remedy

Showering in the morning and evening with a thorough cleanse to the vaginal area will truly help relieve odor.


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