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Vomiting Home Remedies & Natural Cures


A good home remedy for vomiting is ginger.  You can buy ginger capsules or grate up some fresh ginger if you like. 


Catnip as Home Remedy for Vomiting

To soothe an upset stomach I make a drink with catnip, and basil or peach bark tea with honey.


Onion Juice

Drinking a tablespoon of onion juice every couple hours helps me.



If you are vomiting, a good home remedy is to boil water perhaps a cup or so  and mix a tsp of cinnamon or ( steep a cinnamon stick). Then add a teaspoon of honey if you wish to have a little sweetness. The vomiting should stop in 5 minutes.



Ginger & Apple Juice

For a really tasty and helpful drink to stop vomiting I take  about a 1/2 or 1/4 tsp of powdered ginger and mix it in about 1 cup of  apple juice, and then add approximately 1/4 cup water. I then place these ingredients in a blender and blend until ginger is mixed in thoroughly. After that I add ice to make it like a smoothie. Or freeze as popsicles...kids really like these.


Mint Home Remedy for Vomiting

Mint has been used for ages as a home remedy in helping to treat nausea & vomiting. You can use mint as a tea or even throw a peppermint hard candy in hot water and it will melt and can be a quick remedy if at a restaurant where they give away hard candy.  Ginger can also be used as a reliever of nausea. Fresh ginger root can be stored for quite some time in the refrigerator.


Hot Bath

What has worked for me is relaxing in a very hot bath. I sometimes add Epsom salt to the bath because it is a natural detoxifier as well as a soother for muscle aches.  It is a good idea to bring some ice chips in with you and keep them on the side of the bath tub. Just take a couple at a time and allow them to dissolve in your mouth. This will prevent dehydration. It is not a good idea to drink too much liquid too quickly or you could start vomiting again however taking ice chips and or a tablespoon of liquid every 15 minutes will actually help you to stop vomiting. Sometimes the more dehydrated you become the more dry heaves you can also develop. Saltine crackers are also a great way to introduce some solid food into your system without upsetting your stomach.  This is one of the best home remedies for vomiting.


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