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Weight Loss Home Remedies & Natural Remedies



Plant Based Diet

One of the most effective weight loss home remedies I have ever found is the Dr. John McDougall, M.D. program and way of life. Google his name. I attended a week long retreat in Santa Rosa last year and since then I have lost over 30 lbs and dramatically lowered my blood pressure. His program advocates eating a low fat vegan diet which is a diet free of dairy and meat. Also eating whole grains and organic vegetables and fruits.  This is a really easy diet to follow.  You can eat all the potatoes, bread, pasta and starches you can possibly hold.  I did this and lost 30 pounds. My husband lost 70 pounds doing the same thing and still has the weight off 4 years later!  Click here to read more about a Low-fat Starch Based Vegan Diet.


Horse Gram Ayurvedic Natural Remedy for Weight Loss

If you are thinking to lose weight, try eating boiled horse gram every day (horse gram is a type of legume that has been traditionally been used for weight loss in Indian ayurvedic medicine). You must eat it in the morning and evening about 25 gms each time. Horse gram must be soaked well for atleast 10-15 hours before they are boiled. Keep them in a pressure cooker then and allow upto 3 whistles and then straint he water , add some salt and eat it. If your body is unable to bear the heat , you can take buttermilk in between. This definitely helps you to lose weight and is an excellent weight loss home remedy.  by Gayathri 1-3-2012


Watch this 3 minute video by Dr. John McDougall MD on why eating fat causes us to be fat and the simple solution to permanant weight loss

Wait to Eat Again

After you eat a meal, don’t eat again until it is completely digested.  You will need to wait 3 or 4 hours.


Tomato Home Remedy for Weight Loss

Eat one or two ripe tomatoes when you get up in the morning


Avoid Processed Foods

Avoid frozen, canned and processed foods.  Eat simple whole foods. 


Don't Eat Before Bedtime

Refrain from eating before you go to bed allowing about 4 hours from the time of eating until bedtime.


Avoid Liquids With Meals

Don’t drink any liquids or very little before, during and after your meal.  Drinking will dilute the stomach acid and enzymes thus making digestion more difficult.


Room Temperature Foods

Eating foods that are very cold or very hot will diminish your digestion.  Eat foods that are about room temperature or maybe a little warmer. 


Avoid Habitual Eating

Try not to eat unless you are hungry.  Eating becomes a psychological habit and an emotional comfort.  Also, don’t allow yourself to get too hungry or you will be tempted to overeat and eat too fast.  Chew your food slowly and very thoroughly at about 50 chews per mouthful.


Lower the Volume

Don’t eat too much.  You should fill your stomach about ½ with food and ¼ with liquid according to Hindu Ayurvedic medicine.



If you are hungry, eat with restraint.  Enjoy your food with concentration.  Eat at a slow pace as this gives the brain time to signal that you are full.  If you don’t eat for a long period, food becomes more attractive and there is the possibility that you will over eat when you do eat.  Going on a diet is conditioning us to be fat.


Carbohydrate Weight Loss Natural Home Remedy

Here is my home remedy for weight loss.  Everyone is high on the no carbohydrate diet but I shed 50 pounds in 10 months eating only carbohydrates and fruits.  For example for a snack I would eat a tortilla or two without anything on it and it would make me full.  It worked so well that wouldn’t be hungry when the next meal time came around.  If I had a craving for something sweet, I would have fruit or melons.  I really was not even aware I was doing this until my mom pointed it out.  So that should tell you how easy this diet is.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Everyday take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.  Put it in a glass and add water and a little honey.  Some people just take it straight but that is a little strong for me.  Doing this will cause your body’s PH level to come into balance and find it’s natural state of being slightly alkaline.  When this happens, your metabolism will be in proper order and you will get rid of excess weight.


Raw Foods Diet

The best home remedy for weight loss is to go all raw food.  Try it!  Eat all raw foods for a month.  Forget about counting anything like calories.  I lost 13 of my final 18 pounds that I had hit a plateau with for a year.  Those 13 pounds came off in a month effortlessly. The only exception were the things I drink.  For example I continued to drink coffee, herbal tea and green tea.  Keeping these not-so-raw drinks might have held back the detox and cleansing.  I still am eating about 80 percent raw food and my weight loss is holding firm!


Twice the Water

Drink twice the water you normally drink.  Divide your weight by 2 and that’s how many ounces of H2O you should drink each day.  This will flush your body.  Your skin will be clear and your lips will not be chapped any more.  You will have more energy.  This works for me and costs nothing.


Carbs for Weight Loss Home Remedy

Don’t limit your healthy whole food carbs. The Atkins diet of all meat causes the body metabolism to shut down because it thinks it is starving to death.  It will cause so many health problems.  It will clog your arteries and your blood pressure and cholesterol will go through the roof.  Any doctor worth his salt will tell you this is a very bad idea. It is not a diet you can stay on and so eventually you will weaken and go off the diet.  The human body is meant to be a carbohydrate burning organism.  As much as possible avoid meat, dairy and fat.  Americans get 42% of their calories from fat and it should be no more than 10 or 15%.  That’s why we see so many fat butts in this country.  Drink several cups of green tea each day.  Eat good quality all natural foods and buy as much of it organic as you can.  Avoid white flour and sugar and other processed refined foods.  Lack of fiber in our diets causes lots of problems including with the large intestine.  Please don’t let yourself fall into the black hole of anorexia.  This is the best home remedy for weight loss I can give you.


No Caffeine

Drinking coffee, soda, and energy drinks can cause you to gain weight and cutting these drinks out of your diet can greatly increase your chances or losing weight. Items such as coffee and soda contain tons of calories and processed sugars that cause weight gain. These items not only cause weight gain but diabetes and heart disease.  You should stop drinking them all together and keep them out of your diet for good.  When you only stop for a little while and start it up again you can develop fat cells that won’t go away. Also don’t substitute for things such as decaf coffee or diet drinks, because if anything these items are worse for you than the regular items.


Stop the Processed Foods

Stop eating processed foods, such as pre made meals and meals in a box. Most of these meals contain so many calories that you can go over your daily amounts before you even reach dinner. Not only do these items contain more calories than you typically need, they also contain processed sugars and oils that are harmful to your body and can cause you to gain weight easily. These foods are not only found in pre made aisles of the grocery store but also in the drive thrus of fast food places. Fast food places tend to be a main source of processed foods and contribute to the world’s weight problem. Most foods that go through fast food joints tend to be premade or are processed for fast cooking. These foods can be really bad for you, especially if you eat them often. Keeping processed foods out of your diet is a great home remedy for losing weight.


Working Out

Working out is a great home remedy for losing weight. This remedy is one of the oldest remedies for losing weight. When working out you should consider a few things first, one that you have to discipline yourself to make it a part of your daily routine and two that you can do too little or too much.  The last thing that one should keep in mind is that it is vascular exercises not muscular exercises that should be used when trying to lose weight. It is recommended that to stay at your current weight, you should work out for thirty to forty minutes five times a week with non-rigorous work such as walking, or twenty to thirty minutes of rigorous work three times a week. Rigorous work includes brisk walking, running, swimming and other long work outs. When you are trying to lose weight you should do sixty to ninety minutes of a non-rigorous work out five times a week, or fifty to sixty minutes of rigorous activity four times a week.  When planning your workout, you should workout for two to three days in a row and then take a one day break from it before doing another two to three days. You should keep this schedule so you can give your body a recovery day in between your work out days so that you don’t overdo it. You should also start out slow and not throw yourself straight into an intense workout schedule.  You should always start with walking for thirty minutes a day, five days a week and then increase your time and the rigorousness of your activities.


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