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Yeast Infections Home Remedies & Natural Home Cures



Tea Tree & Olive Oil

I am here to tell you I had a yeast infection for three years running.  I went through a lot of home remedies such as diets without sugar or yeast and just about every medication known to man including diflucan and monistat.  I would get some relief for about a week and that would be it.  I am happy to report I found a home remedy for yeast infection that ended my suffering.  Mix two or three drops of tea tree oil into four tablespoons of olive oil.  The tea tree oil kills funguses of all kinds and very effectively.  It is known for it.  The olive oil promotes the growth of good bacteria that help your body.  If you use too much tea tree oil it will burn so be careful with that.  If there is a lot of yeast that has built up inside your vagina you will want to remove it.  What I do is put the oil mixture on my finger and then insert my finger and pull it all out. Get all the white stuff out and wipe it on a tissue.  Repeat this scooping out, wiping on a tissue and recoating with the oil mixture and scooping out the white stuff.  Then put oil on your finger again and swab the whole inside of your vagina as well as the area up around the cervix.  This may be a tad uncomfortable but it is so worth it.  Each time a hint of the itching starts, just put some of the oil mixture up in there.  For 4 years now I have not had a yeast infection.  Another good feature of this is that it is not nearly as messy as yogurt and garlic and much much cheaper than what the doctor will give you.  This has really been a blessing for me.   


Use a typical yeast cream applicator and load it with plain yogurt that has live culture.  Not all yogurt has live culture and you can get this at the health food store.  All I can say is Yogurt works!


Bath Salts

As much as possible cut sugar out of your diet and eat yogurt with live active cultures. Also, soak in a bathtub of sea salt and warm water.  Here is a really good bath salt blend that works well for me made by Ocean Lover’s.  It has several types of sea salt, mineral salt and Epsom salt.  Go to www dot ocean-lovers dot com and go to bath salts. 


Salt Home Remedy for Yeast Infection

Here is a super good home remedy for yeast infection.  Just get some table salt and run a hot bath.  Also you will need a fan.  Add enough salt to make the water taste salty which is about a half a cup.  Sit in this with your legs spread open to allow the water to reach as much of the vaginal area as possible.  After this, lay with your legs spread open in front of a fan for about 15 minutes. 


Boric Acid

Pour boric acid (get it at the drug store) into empty gelatin capsules (get them at the health food store) and poke one of these up into your vagina with your fingers.  Use one of these every night.  Also take good live acidophilus supplement which you can also get at the health food store.  Drink plenty of water and your yeast infection will soon be gone.  This is a home remedy you can take to the bank. 


Garlic & Yogurt

This little home remedy for yeast infection will work wonders ladies. Blend two cloves of garlic with 4 tablespoons of unflavored live organic yogurt.  This is important because the culture must still be alive.  Supermarket yogurt will be dead unless it says live culture on the package.  Rub this mixture up in the inner walls of your vagina and also all around the outside.  Do this every day and in about 3 days you will be well. 


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