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Ache causes and symptoms



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Aching painful muscles are commonplace and often are the result of pain in two or more muscles.  Muscle ache may also include tendons, fascia and ligaments.  Fascia is the soft tissues the connect bones, muscles and organs.

About muscle ache

Muscle ache normally caused by excessive tension in the muscle, over activity or an injury to the muscle resulting from excercise or work. In these cases, the pain will usually be in certain muscles with the aching beginning during or immediately after the activity.  It should be clear as to what activity is producing the pain.

Muscle ache can also be a symptom indicating another condition that affects one's entire body.  Some examples of this could be the flu or lupus.

Another widespread cause of muscle pain and aching is fibromyalgia which is a disorder the creates tenderness in the muscles as well as soft tissue surrounding the aching muscels.  It will also produce headaches, fatigue and sleep problems.

Causes of aches

The most frequent causes are:

  • Trauma or injury including strains and sprains
  • Too much use
  • Stress and tension

Muscle aches and pains may also be caused by:

    • Imbalance in electrolytes such as insufficient potassium or calcium

    • Drugs such as:

      • ACE inhibitors for reducing high blood pressure

      • Cocaine

      • Statins for reducing high cholesterol - statins remove a vital enzyme called CoQ10 which muscles need

    • Fibromyalgia

    • Dermatomyositis

    • Infections, including:

      • Malaria Lyme disease

      • Influenza (flu)

      • Muscle abscess

      • Rocky Mountain spotted fever

      • Polio

      • Trichinosis (roundworm) which can be gotten from eating pork

    • Lupus


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