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Acne Caused by Diet



Acne appears when dead skin blocks the skin pores.  Then a fatty oil secreted by the skin called sebum begins to pool inside the blocked pore.  The bulging pore then becomes an incubator for bacteria and this results in a zit or pimple.  The bacteria thrive on eating the sebum oil.  Current medical efforts are now aimed at killing the bacteria using antibiotics and other drugs.  These are sold both over-the-counter and by prescription.  As is typical of all Western maladies, there is a much more enlightened way and that is to address the cause of the disease and bring a cure by following a healthy diet.

There have been many studies that clearly show there is no acne in people living on their traditional native diets.  Almost all of these diets are low in fat and starch based with fruits and vegetables.  When these same people depart from their culture and begin to eat the standard Western diet high in fat, animal products and refined foods, acne becomes epidemic. Some thoroughly studied populations include the Ache of Eastern Paraguay who have a diet that is 70 percent carbohydrate derived from a root vegetable called cassava.  Also the Kitavan islanders of Papua New Guinea whose diet is 70 percentn plant food carbohydrates.  In both of these cultures, acne is completely nonexistent – not a single case of acne.  Both of these are living on low-fat, unprocessed plant foods.

Persons dwelling in Africa eating plant based diets also are free from acne.  Bantu teenagers in South Africa have a 16% acne rate compared to white Caucasians in Africa who have a 45% acne occurance rate.  It has been reported that the Zulu develop acne once they migrate from villages to the cities and begin eating a rich Western diet.  People in Zambia and Kenya have much less acne than black persons living in the United States.  People in Malaysai eating rice based diets have little or no acne.  People living in rural Japan also have few skin problems because of their rice based diet.  Europeans who have traditionally low-fat diets such as in Southern Italy or Crete have fewer occurrences of acne than the rest of Western Europe.  The Yemenite Jews follow a healthier low-fat diet than European Jews and experience much less acne.  The proof is solid that changing from a plant based diet to a Western diet high in fat will cause pimples and zits to blossom.

Acne is Not Normal

Acne is not a normal natural condition.  It is a disease caused by our Western diet.

This information was condensed from an article by Dr. John McDougall, MD.  Click here – Diet Causes Acne – for the complete article by Dr. McDougall complete with references for scientific studies.

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