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Abscessed Tooth Causes and Symptoms



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An abscessed tooth is most often the result of tooth decay.  It may also occur as the result of injury to the tooth such as a chipped or broken tooth.  Openings that are created in the enamel of the tooth allow bacteria to enter and cause infection in the pulp or center of the tooth.  This infection may migrate from the root of the tooth into the bone that is supporting the tooth.

As a result of this infection, pus will gather causing inflamation and swelling of the tissues inside of the tooth.  This results in a painful toothache.  If the tooth pulp dies, the pain may stop unless an abscess occurs.  This is very true when the infection remains and spreads destroying tissue.


A severe toothache is the main symptom.  The pain is mostly continuous and presents itself as a sharp, gnawing, throbbing or shooting sensation.

Other symptoms may include:

The mouth has a bitter taste

A repungent breath odor

An ill feeling and discomfort


Chewing causes pain

Swelling in the glands of the neck

Swelling in the upper or lower jaw -- a symptom that should be taken seriously

When tapping the tooth, there is pain. Biting or closing the jaw tightly also elevates the pain. There may be swelling and rednes in the gums and there may be drainage of a thick substance.  


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